Thursday, May 26, 2011

Crafters Come In All Sizes

We have endless streams of children coming into the store to pick up supplies to make their school projects.  It may be the end of year scrapbook, or atoms and molecules, but for this young crafter it was simply he wanted to make some Wizard "stuff".  Here is his Wizardry (is that a word...well it is now?)

Jonah is Lizette's youngest son and he's been coming into the store with his Mom since he was a tiny tike.  He was always fascinated by a beaded spider that we had at the time and held it whenever he came into the store, so it's not surprising to us that he loves to craft.  He took this floral styrofoam and fashioned some wizard "stuff" for himself.  Way to go Jonah...great imagination.  Don't forget if you're in the store on Saturday when Lizette is working to tell her what a creative son she has.

Here's another little crafter you may want to check out too.

Now how about you...have you started creating for the current blog challenge?
Here's the link again if you need a reminder.

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