Sunday, May 15, 2011

WOW! What a Day - What a High!

It was a long day, but so exciting to see the girls dance in their lovely costumes and win awards! 

Rachel danced in two competition dances, jazz this morning and tap this afternoon.  Emily danced her first competition dance this afternoon and it was tap.  They had the opportunity to earn bronze, silver, gold, platinum or diamond awards.  In all three of their dances, they earned platinum!  Pretty exciting for them, but you should have seen Mommy and Daddy's happy faces, they were so proud of their girlies.

It didn't end there though, because Rachel's tap group won not only a cup for highest mark in their category, but an invitation to dance in Europe this summer.  Now although that won't happen for many reasons, the fact remained that it was a great honour to win and be offered the invitation. 

Their teachers Miss Tammy and Miss Megan must have been so proud of all their dancers.  The lowest score the dance studio earned was a gold, can you imagine, with other platinum awards and another group winning in their category and being offered the invitation to dance in Europe too. 

It didn't stop there either, because their teachers won the adjudicators award as well.  A pretty excited group of young people left the theatre tonight knowing they had worked hard with their respective teachers, and had been acknowledged today for that hard work.

Well done to each and every one of the dancers, teachers and not forgetting the parents who shuttle them back and forth to classes all week long.

Though photos aren't allowed during competition dancing, Daddy did get some as they practiced, so maybe we will post them at a later date.

I won't see them dance in their next competition in Collingwood in a couple of weeks, but I will see them dance at their recital soon.  The recital being just for their dance studio isn't as long, but we get the opportunity to see many more talented students from the Muskoka Dance Connection at our local theatre that day.  Looking forward to that.



  1. WOW!! Well done Rachel and Emily congratulations!! Good luck to the girls and their fellow dancers in their future competitions... Maybe the next time we walk past the house and see the girls out playing, we can ask for a demo!

  2. Well done, congrats to the girls!! Good luck in their next competition.