Tutorial - Christmas Tree Gift Tag Dec 3rd 2013

So this week the crafting tutorial will be on a gift tag.

It's a very simple origami fold Christmas tree that doubles as a decoration or a gift tag actually.

All you need is

-One piece of cardstock 10 x 4.  
-Four different sizes of circles, we used our Nestability dies with the Cuttlebug, but if you don't have that you can trace around an appropriate shape and hand cut them.  The sizes were 3.75", 2.75", 2" and 1.25"
-Some Stickles, Scotch Glue and Glamour Dust to embellish
-Piece of cord approximately 8" long

Fold each circle in half, open and fold the opposite direction, open and then fold diagonally crossing the original folds.

I didn't take photos of the next steps, but you just make a hole in the top of the smallest circle and push the cord through.  I tied a knot at the open end of the cord to prevent it from pulling through the top.
Then add a little glue inside of each folded circle and push them inside of each other to make the tree as you see it.

For the bottom embellishment I drew a narrow bead of Scotch Glue and poured Glamour Dust over it, shaking off the access.  I sometimes prefer the look of this over Ice Stickles.  However for the tree "decorations" I used red Stickles.  You can see how you could decorate the back if you were using it for a tree decoration or write on the back if using it as a gift tag

Hope you give this a tryand enjoy making it as I did, so quick and easy to decorate your gifts with.

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