Monday, May 30, 2011

They're Starting to Come In

The entries for the blog challenge are coming in now.  If there was a prize for the first entry it would have to go to Bev, because she was the first again to email her entry!  Here they are though in no particular order.

Bev's first entry into the blog challenge nicely picks up the colours of the cushions on the couch.  Nice job Bev

Here we see an interesting fold for Bev's second card with the verse on a pull out tag.  Very innovative Bev.  Again I see the colours of the cushions in this card.

You can see  how Diane's card picked up the colours and shapes in the centre cushion that's on the couch.  Along with the colours she picked up the three photos on the wall by having her parasol in three portions.  Nice job Diane.
 Tara nicely focused on the couch in the photo by stamping the chair as her focal point.  The strips of patterned paper pick up the various colours and designs on the cushions too.  Do you notice the pearl detail on the left side that picks up the vases in the challenge photo.  Thanks for playing along Tara, nice attention to detail.

Bev's entry here picks up the different patterns on the cushions. The letters on the card are silver, though they don't show up well on the photo, but they pick up the silver vases on the challenge photo. She made this card with scraps she had on hand.  Just goes to show what you can create doesn't it.  Thanks for playing Bev, you seem to be having lots of fun.

Remember that we're halfway through the time allotted for this challenge.  The closing date is June 13th (doubly special in our family), so don't today!  It can be a scrapbook page, jewellery, craft of some kind as long as you follow the spirit of the challenge photo here

Oh I just realised that I gave you an extra week on this challenge...freudian slip maybe to make it close on that special day of June 13th?

Here's some eye candy for you made by two special little girls from a kit they bought at their local craft store.   Not for the challenge, but I thought you'd like to see the work of more talented young people.  I wouldn't mind wearing one of these bangles, how about you?

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