Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Just a Quick Post Today

I had meant to post the gift tags that were made in the Christmas Card Class and totally forgot about them with all the other ideas.  So here as promised for Amie is a photo of the gift tags that were an extra in the card class.  They were quick assembly tags to show the ladies how they can use their scraps effectively.

I've been working on a layout from the Valerie Salmon "Got Sketch" layout I mentioned in the previous blog from here.   (I'm not allowed to re-post Valerie Salmon's sketch, so look at that from this link). 

I'm very much a two page scrapbooker, so had to come up with another page first to go with this sketch.  I found one on the Page Maps website (another "go to" favourite) that with a little adjustment I think I like.  You can see above where I started with the page maps sketch. It's an 8.5 x 11 page from September 2012, so I had to do some adjustment for to make it into a 12 x 12 page first.  

Here is the Page Maps sketch adjusted to a 12 x 12 to work for me. I didn't like the hexagons for this particular layout, so will use a paper to coordinate with the Valerie Salmon layout.  You can see other changes I've made such as flipping the layout, adding another narrow photo  moving the tall embellishment. and making the journaling piece larger.

Here's where I'm at with both pages adjusted and put together for a two page 12 x 12 layout.  I'm a bit "up in the air" as to which one of these I will use actually.  I like the narrow photos on the right hand page of the top layout, but may use the wider ones on the lower layout dependent on what photos I find.
So what do you think?  Any thoughts?  I'm still not sure about the bracket background, but didn't like it when I removed it and made it straight as the right hand page is.

Gotta run now, I'm working on a sample for tomorrow night's gift class.  It's to show the ladies how they can enlarge on what they will be making tomorrow.  You will get to see it after the class is complete.

Until Later, Happy Crafting,


Monday, November 26, 2012

Hold on to Your Hats and Grab a Coffee- This Will be a Long Post Methinks!

Have you been into the store lately?  Linda and I have been busy making some sample crafts up for you to try by yourself for Christmas.  As we were showing them to the croppers on Friday night, we kept being asked..."do you have a kit for that?"
End result is that we've put together some instructional kits at very moderate prices for you to purchase if you choose and then duplicate over and over.

There are also some samples here of crafts Linda has made for her girlie's Advent Boxes.  Quite a challenge to figure out what to put in them given the size and not wanting to fill them all with chocolates.  Linda shared a number of her ideas with another Mom at the Crop Night as she has three small children that she fills Advent Calendars for.  Subsequently Jennifer went home with ideas and started kits for bookmarks and bracelets she will be making for her kiddies.

There's one sample of a painted and stamped wooden snowflake that I've made which is going to be added to a larger foam snowflake in the snowstorm at the cash register, (yes, we have the wood snowflakes in stock)   Don't know about the snowstorm?  I don't have a photo of that, so you'll have to drop into the store to see the storm we created inside on Friday to go with the storm that was waging outside.

I also have a couple of websites I want to direct you to.  One is for some really great scrapbook layouts.  The other for a free embroidery sampler design.  Did you see Linda mentioned in the newsletter that  we have some really nice assembled cross stitch kits in the store for just $2.99 that include all the floss, needle, fabric and frame that you need to complete the ornaments.  Easy Peasy!

Here's the link for the scrapbook layout. I particularly liked Sketch 151 here.  I liked the way in the first example the two tags were interpreted as photos.  You will see at the top right sidebar, you can choose layouts by the number of photos you have.  Who's going to make a layout from this sketch and email it to the store?  Will it be you?  I'll try and get one done this week, because next week I'll be in the city with family for a few days.

Okay so here we go with some photos for you to enjoy and hopefully be inspired by.  This one Linda put together in miniature for the girls Advent boxes, but we also have put this together for you as a kit.  It's Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus.  Shown in miniature on the left as a hanging ornmaent and available in kit form on the right as a standing ornament for just $5.00.  Aren't they lovely and fitting as we remember the reason for the season.
For the Advent boxes and because her girls are such big readers, they will be getting more than one bookmark this season.  Here's a selection of what Linda has prepared for them in their appropriate colours.
Have you ever made a pom-pom from scratch?  These in purple and green are simple to make, yet interesting to use.  And the paperclips that became another style of bookmark. 
And finally the angels here made from paperclips which we've also put together into kit form for you with instructions for just .50cents.  Isn't that just the nicest little decoration that you could then make a box for (we've did that in class last week and will be again this week) and share with a friend without breaking the bank.  'Tis the season for sharing and giving.

Or how about this lovely five point star.  Cut simply from scrapbooking paper, scored appropriately, blinged and decorated with a final coat of podge to stiffen it.  This too is in kit form for just .50 cents.  Can you visualise many of these on your Christmas tree?

Linda made a stunning Christmas tree last week and although it took a little bit of time to cut out all the felt circles, the final result was well worth it don't you think?

This has been put into kit form including the styrofoam base, wood topper, pins, felt in the colour of your choice and the berries to embellish with.  And the price for this beautiful tree table decoration kit is just $12.50.
We also between us made up this fun snowman ornament, though we haven't put it into kit form, we do stock the Dylite balls, pom poms and felt needed to make this cute trio.  Look in the sock drawer for that lonely white sock and you've made up your own kit. 

And as a reminder here are some of the samples that we created last Christmas and you may want to consider making.

An empty water bottle, sock, pom poms and felt make this easy no-melt snowman.


Or how about this trio of Santa hats.  Made from three styrofoam forms, a little embossed foil, pom poms and felt a great craft to make with the children.  Embellished with some gift bows at the base another lovely seasonal craft.

Do you remember the rolled paper Christmas tree that we made in class last year?  There are so many pretty Christmas papers and this is a great way to show them off.  Roll some of it around your pencil, cut to various lengths and glued onto a backing paper and you have created another lovely gift to give to someone, or keep yourself.

This was another tree from last year created with strips of reversible scrapbook paper and using short sequin pins, pinned to a styrofoam base, topped off with a silver bell.  We lost count of how many of these were made last year, but if you didn't make one then, maybe you'd like to this year. 
Here's the final craft from last year.  (I did warn you it was going to be a long, but hopefully inspiring post).  We made this in class and cutting letters from chipboard, gluing paper to the front and embellishing the large bell.  Chipboard and bells are in stock.

I mentioned earlier about the snowflake that will be hanging in the middle of our snowstorm so hang on while I take a photo.
Not the easiest task given the light reflection.  Should have taken it in the daylight.  However I'm sure you can get inspiration from this.  Using a little paint, heat embossing a stamp and some Stickles or Twinkles on the top, this came together as a quick and easy craft.
Though we don't have the large foam snowflake in stock, it's been kicking around for years now, we do have the smaller wooden ones in stock.  They'd look great in multiples on the tree too wouldn't they.

And last but not least the promised website for the free embroidery pattern is here.  She's given some really clear directions to the cute and simple sampler.  We have some fabric in stock that I think would work perfectly for this sampler as well as a complete line of DMC floss and embroidery needles too.   Have you wanted to try embroidery but didn't know where to start?  We have some new designs coming into the store any day now as well as pre-stamped pillowcases and dresser scarves.  Still unsure?  Then ask us about how to start.  We both embroider, cross stitch and I have done crewel work as well. There's a sample up in the needlework section of the store.

So what was that, some twelve crafty ideas for you to work on.  No reason to be bored if you visit your local Craft Store for inspiration and supplies.  I'm going to have to dream up some new ideas for you next week too.

Did you miss coming to the Crop and Craft Night last week?  There's only one more before Christmas and last week there were many, many gifts worked on, ideas exchanged, programs taught and learned or aspects of previously owned programs explored in greater depth.  A great time and place to learn, laugh and have some fun with fellow crafters too.

Now I'm off to work on some more of my Christmas cards.  Can't show you them as many of the family look at the blog too.

Are you remembering your Manna Food Bank donation through Kraft's making a difference 50cents at a time we are up over one thousand dollars...can we make it three before the end of the year do you think?

Until later, Happy Crafting,


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Have you Donated?

It's such an easy process and one that gives each of us the opportunity to help others in our community.  Kraft Food for Families has chosen our Food Bank as one of 100 Canadian Food Banks to have the opportunity to receive donations from them. 
All we have to do is go online each day type in your name and email and as easy as that we have made a donation of fifty cents.  Oh I know, that doesn't sound much, but when I made my donation tonight I think the number was at 1265 donations for our food bank (I'll look more closely tomorrow night).  That's $632.50, or $90.00 per day since the announcement on November 12th.  At press time of November 16th, the Weekender was reporting that $300.00 had been amassed, so you can see it's growing. 
At this rate Kraft could conceivably donate $4500.00 to our food bank, or even more if we all talk it up.  You don't have to belong to the community to participate, so all our long distance customers and friends, if your food bank isn't on the list, you could help us out too.  If your food bank is on the list, then you can begin making a donation to your community too.  Don't be shy, let this simple random act of kindness help someone else. 
Thank you to Tammy for bringing this to our attention.

We had a super class last week as we once again made our yearly calendar.  We try for a different style each year and this year we chose a Perpetual Calendar that was a bound flip calendar.  That meant the ladies got to play with the Bind it All machine to punch the holes through their flip pieces as well as to bind them all together.  We weren't sure with it being such a busy class that everyone would get the binding done, but in their traditional style the ladies got their heads down and through all the fun, chatter and laughter, got the job done.  Here's what they created, though of course they didn't want my photos in their calendar so they have the opportunity to select 19 small photos of their own to insert.

We're looking forward to a fun class on Thursday and I noticed Linda said there was just one space left, is it yours?  I'm sure the ladies will love what they are creating this week and such quick, inexpensive little gifts that can be freely given to others without being concerned about cost.  Did you see the sneek peek here?  Just scroll down a little to peek at two of the gifts from two different classes.  I'm almost finished cutting for both of these classes, then I can breathe again.  I don't think I've taken a breath since before our vacation...I'm turning blue from lack of breath.

We had a great family dinner again last Sunday.  We are each responsible for one portion of the meal, meat, vegetables or dessert.  We often try out new recipes for these meals and Linda was on for meat this week and treated us to this recipe.  You have to scroll down about two thirds of the page to find this, it's called Cheesy Chicken and Stuffing.  Try it out, it was really delicious. 
 Linda doubled the stuffing because everyone loves it, but it was a half hour cooking time meal!  Thanks to Sandra, we had roasted mini potatoes, mashed turnip, green beans with slivered almonds and buttered carrots too....delicious!  I was on dessert, but I have to say I wimped out this week by taking two frozen cakes, layering them on top of one another and icing around them. I topped it off with a grated chocolate bar.  We were celebrating Linda and Randy's birthdays this past week so can you imagine how many candles there were on the top of the cake!  I'll have to see if Linda will share with  you some of the cards they received. 

Have you heard about the Monck School Band fundraiser?   I don't have all the details clearly and so that I don't misinform you, I will check with Linda (Rachel and Jonathan) are both in the band, .  If you like pizza though, do they have a deal for you as well as helping themselves.  This could be a random act of kindness where you are not only the giver but the recipient too.....LOL!

We have many customers who have become friends along the way and we miss them when we don't see them in the store, particularly when we know they are waging war against personal health issues.  That is the case with at least one who was in the store on Saturday when we weren't.  We missed seeing Becky on Saturday, but in her own inimitable way she took time to write us a note to say that she had won a battle and though she was heading into another she was hoping to see us in the new year.  We were so happy to read that little note and want you to know Becky how often you are in our thoughts and your name is on our lips.  Best wishes from us both as you face the next battle, you have no idea how you inspire us.
We often have commented about the fact that we don't know as a customer comes through the door what challenges they are facing. We hopefully are sensitive to their feelings and can give them some encouragement if they choose to share with us. 

Well check back later this week and l should have the info on the Band Fundraiser and can also share the photos from the first gift class with you.

Until later, Happy Crafting


Monday, November 12, 2012

How Many Pieces in a Sheet of Cardstock?

Well as we're working away at cutting kits for the upcoming classes, that's our constant question.  Of course it depends on the kit that's being cut and the dimensions of the piece, so there has to be focus when cutting.

The samples are all made now for the remaining Christmas classes and like the ladies at the Countdown Calendar Class were, we're sure the registrants will be pleased with what they will be making in the next few weeks.  I notice Linda said in the newsletter there are a couple of spots left in the gift classes, so if you're wanting to join us for a crafty night out, with lots of laughter as well as creativity then call or email the store to secure your spot.

Would you like a little peek at one, or maybe all of the gifts?  Oops, just tried to take a photo and my battery is dead!  Charged up a bit now so here's a little peek at two projects.

 We will be making among other things a handy calendar for your purse, a lovely ornament to decorate yours or a friend's tree, and a mini seasonal wall hanging.  Just three of the quick, easy and inexpensive little gifts to share with all those people in your life that you may like to remember at Christmas.

I know we've told you how well the Christmas Card Classes went, but did we mention how many men were involved with choosing which one was going to be duplicated and sent out from their home this year?   We've never had so much input from the men after they've seen them as we did this year.  One gentleman chose which one his daughter (with some prompting from her) would make for to send out to his business clients.  She got right on the job and has them all ready to mail now.  Another husband liked the Winter House card, but was telling me when he was in the store with his wife that he could see it with a red background.   I passed this idea on to another lady who had taken the class and she thought it was a great suggestion too, so here's what she created.

  So Lynda please let George know how his colour suggestion motivated Pauline to create this lovely card.


Here's how it started for the card class.  The red certainly took it from being a winter card to a warm Christmas card, especially with the sentiment stamped at the bottom. 

I must go back to some more cutting.  By the way you can get twelve 2" x 5" pieces, or four 3" x 12" pieces, or five 7" x 3" from one sheet of 12" x 12" cardstock and eight 4 1/4" x 2 3/4" pieces from an 8 1/2 " x 11" piece of cardstock.  Don't you love the useless information that clutters our minds on a daily basis!

Until later, Happy Crafting,


Monday, November 5, 2012

Were You One of the People Who Didn't Get the Newsletter?

Linda was.  Can you imagine creating a newsletter and then not getting it delivered into your mailbox!  That's what happened to Linda and about 100 other people too last week, even though Linda sent it out twice. 
Apparently our Newsletter provider (a huge company) is having some issues and is now working with Microsoft to try and figure out what's gone wrong. In the meantime, the Newsletter continues to be published and we can send it to you independently if you let us know you didn't receive it. 
Hopefully you have subscribed to the Blog and receive notice when I blog, so we can still reach you outside of the Newsletter.  You can do that by looking on the right side of the blog where it says......

Keep up by Email With What's New at the Craft Nook. 

If you put your email in there, then each time I blog you'll receive notice in your inbox.

I have a few things to share with you tonight.  First I want to show you the beautiful page that won the prize at our Mega Crop in the embellishment challenge.  In this challenge the scrappers had to use a number of different elements that we decided on, plus they had to add a few more from a list that we provided.  All these elements were covered in the "Make and Takes" they had the opportunity to pariticipate in. 
The winner of this prize was Birgit and she has been away on vacation, so I have waited until she returned before I posted it.
What a great page she created using many of the techniques she learned.  Among them were the hand made flowersclear rhinestones which she coloured to match her page and the flowers she made as well as the twisted cord for the horses tack.  I like the way she took half circles to create a border at the top as well.  A lovely page....mind I think her subject matter was a great starting point too.  We've watched Sydney as she's learned among other things to ski, skate and now ride a horse.

I still  have one more page to share with you that I will at a later date.  That's the open challenge winner, so keep watching.

Our Christmas Classes are almost full, so did you get registered in time?  Call or drop into the store if you are still hoping to attend.  You can see the listing of classes here
We will be busy making a Countdown Calendar this Thursday and I understand there are three spots left in this class.  It's a fun way of counting down the days until Christmas and can be given to an adult just as easily as a child.
The Perpetual Calendar class is full and overflowing so that will keep us on our toes.  However we are usually teaching three or more projects, so this one project should be a walk in the park??? 
The Gift Classes will have different projects in each of them, so don't make the mistake of thinking they are duplicate classes.  Great classes to take for making those little gifts to give to someone who has made a difference by their kindness to you.

I've got a few photos of Linda's two girlies in their Hallowe'en costumes.  Do you recall I told  you here how we were making parts of each of their costumes?  For Rachel, she sewed up her tunic and I made the shoe covers for her from some material she purchased from Value Village.  Linda made the "paper clips" from coloured electrical cord, the "needle" from a dowel painted and the eye cut by Randy.  Pretty neat don't you think?
Emily was just as inovative in her costume with the crown Mommy created for her again from electrical cord and some beading wire and beads.  Don't you love her sceptre made from dowel and a wooden ball knob.
They, like many of the children that came to my door, worked hard on their costumes. 
Pretty neat accessories don't you think? 

And here's another look at Emily with her crown and sceptre.

Hope you've enjoyed the creativity from both Birgit and Linda and her girlies.  Perhaps they have inspired you in some way to create something new.

Until later, Happy Crafting,


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Are you Registered?

The upcoming Christmas Classes are filling up fast with one already overloaded.  Have you registered for the ones you wanted, or did you miss out?

Here again are the dates and names of the classes that Linda put in the newsletter this past The countdown Tuesday:


Thursday November 8th - Countdown Pocket Calendar

Thursday November 15th - Perpetual Calendar

Thursday November 22nd - Hostess, Co-Worker or Teacher Gift Class      

Thursday November 29th - Hostess, Co-Worker or Teacher Gift Class   

NOTE the Gift Classes are both a different selection of gifts.
It is NOT a repeat class.

The Countdown Pocket Calendar Class next Thursday has a couple of spots still open.  I thought I would show you a "sneek peek" at it.  
Such a fun item not only to make, but to give too.  
It doesn't have to be for a child, but if I was giving it to a child I would make it into a treasure hunt.  With little gifts hidden somewhere for them to seek out. 
Our grandchildren have always enjoyed treasure hunts at Christmas.  However, if I was giving this Countdown Calendar to an adult or "shut in", it would hold a multitude of promises for visits, shopping trips, meals or baking, or even  recipes.
So many ideas that it could hold.  So here's the "sneek peek".  This is only a very tiny portion of the Countdown Calendar, there is so much more to it than I am showing you just now.  

Did you see that I made mention of the Gift Classes both being different?  They will have 2-3 different hostess - teacher - friend - co-worker gifts in each class, so don't make the mistake of signing up for one and missing out on the other.  These little gifts will be perfect when you want to acknowledge someone for their acts of kindness to you throughout the year for example.  Linda and I have  some people in mind who are constantly kind to us that will be receiving one of them from us.

Hopefully you will call or drop into the store to secure your spot in the class/classes of your choice and won't delay and be disappointed.

Until later Happy Crafting