Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our First Blog Challenge Entries

Here they are, all together....what an amazing bunch of creativity.  They can't help but to get our Mojo working can they.

Scroll to the bottom to see who the random winner was.

1.  Bev                                                                          2.  Bev
3.  Shaina                                             4.  Di                                                     
5.  Bev                                                                           6.  Bev

7.  Christine                                                               7.  Lynda

9.  Tara                                                                         10.  Madison
  11.  Evelyn                                                                          12. Bernice 


13.  Becky                                                                                     14.  Anne

15. Tammy                                                                                             16.  Deanne

17.  Liz                                                                                                      18.  Evelyn

19.  Raquel                                                                                       20.  Christine

21.  Pat                                                                                                     22.  Joanne

23.  Lizette                                                                
                               24.  Sandra

25. Christine                                                               26.  Sandra

AND THE WINNER IS:-............
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This is Tammy

Congratulations, we'll see you at class Tammy
Sample Ideas 
Starting Sample                                                             Mother's Day Card

Bracelet Idea                                                
                                                                          Scrapbook Page Idea
Crystal Drop


  1. So many talented ladies! What a mix of ideas. It's lovely viewing the work and seeing elements on each entry which I find inspiring.
    Can't wait for the next challenge.


  2. I won I won I won....I never win anything!!! Thank goodness it was random....there were some really amazing entries!

    Thanks for having the challege and I look forward to the next one!