Sunday, May 15, 2011

They Are Still Coming In!

I'm so glad that we decided to make this a fun challenge rather than a judged one, because it would be difficult to choose a winner that way.  Every entry has had at least one or two elements on them that have caught my eye.

This is the inside of a card made by Pat and given to ...well you guess on that one.
Pat used the challenge colours on the inside of this card as you can see below.
She coloured the black and white photo using the challenge colours and also placed flowers following the colour choice and all that was done BEFORE we  posted the challenge!

 Joanne has made another pretty card (remember seeing her scored one in an earlier post).
This one she has used some Basic Grey paper and coloured a pretty stamp. Love the punched look on the stamped piece as well as the pearl accents.

Lizette's scrapbook page records the magical time she and her family had recently at Disney.  Naturally enough Aladdin photos will have a fair amount of teal in them because of Princess Jasmine.  Lizette used yellow stickles to make the sparkly title.  (Bet that took some time to dry). What a great memory page.

We are going to have a magical time tomorrow as we will be in North Bay watching Linda's two girlies dance in competition.  Their dance costumes are just so lovely...will show you a photo later, in the meantime enjoy this one.  Rachel's costume requires her hair to be done in a high pony with ringlets, so there was a dry run on Friday night to make sure her hair turned out the way they wanted it.  It was like deja vu for me, because I can recall myself and my three sisters having our hair done like this a few (well maybe more than a few) years ago.  I did the same for my three girls too, the price of looking gorgeous remains the same all these years later.

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