Tutorial - Easy Luminary Dec 10th 2013

Easy Luminary Tutorial

How's your Christmas crafting coming along? Here's another quick idea for that last minute gift for an acquaintance or friend.  Inexpensive and quick to create, it works perfectly for many people.
We created in class a lovely parchment luminary with star on the top and a box to hold the battery operated candle.  This luminary is a simple and quick cone of parchment paper that can be decorated or left plain.  I chose to use my stylus to create a white on white pattern all over my cone.

For this craft you will need 
one piece of 8.5" x 12" parchment paper which we carry at the store.
If you choose to create an overall design then you will need a stylus and soft mat below the parchment.

Below is the cone shape to cut out of the parchment paper.  I've drawn it to display five different sizes so you can have a grouping of luminaries. 
 Print both of these patterns, overlap and match the writing to create the one pattern.  Note it won't print out on one piece of computer paper as that's only 8.5" x 11". The largest size of luminary requires 8.5" x 12".

You may have to enlarge the pattern to size it correctly.  
The side with the dotted lines should be 7.5".  
The solid line side should be 7.25".
If you have any difficulty with this, drop into the store and we'll help you.

Having cut out and sized the paper pattern, transfer the outer lines to your parchment paper at the height you want.  Remember I said there are 5 different sizes, you cut according to the height you want your luminary to be.  

It's at this point that you could either stamp a design of your choice on the parchment paper and maybe even heat emboss it, or as I did using my stylus and soft mat beneath, I transferred my design choice onto the parchment. Here's the design I found and used. I needed to move it around the cone to get the coverage I wanted, turning it to fit nicely together.  
When using your stylus, take care not to press too hard or you will pierce the parchment.  To get the white lines, I simply went over the design first and then enhanced the lines by pressing a little more firmly the second time. This took me about ten minutes, so far the whole craft has taken about 15 minutes. You are now ready to place double sided tape along the dotted line on the one side of the cone. Take care as you join the two sides to line them up well so that the bottom is even and the top is nicely tucked together. Place your battery operated candle on a table, place the luminary over the top and that's it, you're done.  Now you may want to repeat the process and make a grouping of luminaries.

Here's my finished luminary.  To take this photo, I simply sat it into a wreath and placed some pine cones around the luminary.  If you made more than one luminary, it would make a nice grouping on a table or counter top with a buffet spread.
Hope you enjoy making one or two of these very quick crafts.

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