Tutorial Multi Colored Scarf - Dec 16th 2013

Tutorial - Itsy Bitsy Multi Coloured Scarf from leftover Yarn

Scarves continue to be popular whether they are cowls or neck warmers, dressy scarves over sweaters, or scarves designed to keep you warm.
The one I'm going to show you now not only will keep you warm as a neck warmer would, but uses up some of those short ends of leftover yarn you have in your yarn stash.

I began with a part ball of chunky yarn that was multi coloured, but any weight will work for this as well as a solid colour.  If it's thinner, then put two strands together to work the scarf base.  I used 8 mm needles, but again that's not overly important.  (See how easy this is to make.)  Your goal is to knit a piece that is approximately 26-30 inches wide by about 6 inches long. 
I found that casting on 50 stitches (this is the long edge) worked for me and then I simply knitted in garter stitch (every row knitted) until my work was 6 inches long.

Once that was achieved the fun part began.  I pulled out many different small balls of yarn in different textures and weights (thicknesses).   

Cutting the yarn into strands of different lengths I began to loop the strands into the scarf on the short ends, travelling up about 8 inches from each end, which left the piece that goes around the back of the neck without additional yarn. 

None of these measurements are critical, it's a fun scarf and the measurements are only to be used as guidelines.

And here's the finished scarf.  You could choose to sew a button closure at the neck, or just as I did, tie it in a loose knot at the neck.

By using multi colours and textures of yarn, this would be a warm scarf and could be worn with any coat or jacket. 

Hope you try making one for yourself.

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Remember a very plain knitted scarf can be dressed up by using different textures as this one was, or by adding an interesting fringe, or even mini pom poms on the edge. Thanks to June for that idea.
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