Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Wonder of Technology

I told you that I would share my experience with this wonderful technology that we have at our fingertips today.  As many of you know most of my family lives in England.  That distance for us is diminished because of the chat program Skype and our computer cameras.  Both my sister and my sister-in-law will often drop in to our home for a class via Skype and our cameras.
That's what happened just recently when my sister-in-law Di was making an apron for our father-in-law.  He assists the nurse when she goes to his house to care for our mother-in-law, so during a recent visit there, Di and he thought he should have a uniform to wear.  Never faint hearted, Di set out first to make an apron, then to decorate it with the help of her Silhouette. 
That's where the lesson time came in as she emailed me for help and we got together with our PC's and cameras and worked through her challenges.   This is the result modeled by Di's husband before she mailed it to our father-in-law.  Great isn't it!

Look at the detail with the watch at the top along with all the tools of the nursing trade.  He has it now and is apparently very proud of it, wearing it each time the nurse visits.  Well done Di, great creativity and thoughtfulness.
Keep in mind that the Silhouette isn't just for papercrafting.  As Di showed us it's great for decorating clothing too in a unique and special way.



  1. LOVE it!!! I think I would of had the needle a little bigger hahaha!!!