Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The One Album Only Scrapbooker

My friend Edie came into our store a number of years ago for help with a scrapbook album she was making.  It wasn't the easiest task she had ever taken on and when I suggested the next album would be easier, she insisted she was only doing this one album.  Well here we showcase an example of the work she has just completed on approximately her twentieth album!  Many of them have been gifts to family members, how special a gift is that.

This is a page from her family's vacation, yes the whole family vacationed together and you can see in the photos the pure joy they shared.  Not only that though, you see great use of stickers placed on the photos to accent them and support the journaling.  The floral embellishments were stamped, cut out, coloured and mounted in a very eyecatching way.  In making a whole album on a vacation it's difficult to find yet another title, but Edie again used a sticker embellishment in an innovative way as the page title.  Click on the page to see it close up and as always it's soooo much better in real life.

Edie had asked Linda and I if we would put extra pages into her album and assemble it for her.  I told her there would be a cost to it, the cost being our opportunity to showcase her work.  She doesn't feel that she has anything to offer other scrapbookers in way of ideas, but she's dead wrong isn't she!  Great job Edie and right on with your guess as to which page I chose to showcase.

Did I mention she's already started on her twenty first album?   Page Maps is her "go to" source of inspiration, but we think she's used just about every layout they've produced now and always puts her own thumbprint on them.

Terrific work Edie and thanks so much for sharing.