Monday, January 28, 2013

Must be the Time of the Year.

Or else cleaning out and organising is a contagious disease.  My sister emailed me last night looking for this link  because she's been busy organising her closet and thought the labels would work well on the storage baskets.  That way she would know their contents without pulling them all down to look in them.  Trouble was she couldn't recall what kind of tags I had used, thought they were luggage tags but in fact they were badge holders.  So that's her task for the moment, maybe she'll send some photos when she's done.

I continue to work on tweaking my craft room as I find some time and so yesterday I spent a few hours painting the odd shelf that I'd missed or added along with painting my punch stand.  Here's the before and after photo of the punch stand I made.

And here you see the boxes that I turned into storage for my Ink pads, with room to grow in numbers too. You can see to the left the rotating stand for the Distress Ink tools and underneath the foams are stored in their individual boxes.  These boxes used to hold beads before I re-purposed them.   I have to take off the bead labels and relabel them according to the ink colour.  Thank goodness for un du.

You probably have caught on to the fact that I like to re-use and re-purpose items rather than throw them out and buy new.  I like the way things have come together with a little TLC and white paint in this instance, with black being the contrast colour in this room.  

I'm not sure if I'm going to do this in the future.  Love the idea, but don't know where I would use them just yet.

Here's the link and a clear tutorial for how to do this yourself and remember though they have used a diaper box any size box could be used depending on what you want to store.

I have another idea rolling around in my head for my window using my Silhouette Cameo, but still in the thinking stages right now.  

When I tidy up a little, (it's never really all put away) I'll take you on a continuous look around the room again.


I know this is a bit out of season, but isn't he the cutest little Santa, would make a lovely hostess gift for next year if we start sewing on our felt now.  A few simple embroidery stitches embellishes him beautifully.  I'd leave a hole in the top to make it a hanging ornament 

And here's a great title for a scrapbook page or just as a reminder for every day life....

Décosse's Dynamite Doodles: freebie

Well must run now, still have to proof the newsletter yet.  Did you notice the "oops" that got past both Linda and myself last week.  I'm not telling if you didn't see it.  

Wow, just read the newsletter, I'm exhausted just thinking of all that we're prepping for, my craft room may never get tidied up LOL.

Until Later, Happy Crafting


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