Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Record Breaking Weather Weekend

Did you enjoy the mild weekend?  My husband was in Toronto on Saturday and it was warm enough that he was outside in shirt sleeves.  After a rather dull, dreary and rainy Friday he enjoyed the change in weather.

Saturday was also our youngest grandson's fourteenth birthday, so Friday night we celebrated with him, enjoying an at home family meal of home cooked fish and chips.  It's such a pleasure to watch him opening his cards, he so appreciates the thought and effort put into them. 

His Mom's card got a thumbs up when it highly met with his approval.  She had made a card that looked like a shirt with a tie and handkerchief in the pocket and of course in his favourite colour of pink.  Now how many fourteen year old boys would thumbs up a card like that?  

His favourite Aunt "Ninny" did a take of one of last weeks cards from class. Here's what we did in class along with her interpretation of it.  Do you see the similarities in the layout and the second generation stamping of the background?  Linda also created a mask where she stamped the boy so that the music notes wouldn't show on his face. She coloured the image with water colour pencils and added a lovely decorative pinwheel too.    It's a great way to create a new card by following the layout of a previously made card.



Continuing the Craft Room Tweaking:-

I've spent part of the day today making a stand for my punches to be stored.  I mentioned two blogs earlier that I'd bought three round curtain rods from the Restore to re-purpose. Well they have been used in my punch storage stand.  I'll give you a peek at it, but it still has to be painted, so you'll see the finished look later.  I've put my most used punches on the stand and there's loads of space for growth if I need it.

I've added some knobs to the little cardboard boxes that sit on my bookcase and hold flowers, butterflies, spritzers,  masks and such.  Here are the tools I used to create them.  Thank goodness for my local scrapbook store that carries all these supplies....LOL

And also a look at one box with the pull on it and another before the pull was glued onto it.

(Oh........I see another shelf to be painted)

Gift Idea

And here's another craft that Linda created as Christmas gifts for Jonathan, Rachel and Emily and which they were absolutely thrilled with. Randy cut the wood shape and drilled all the holes and Linda did all the work of painting the golf tees and bases.  Well worth the effort when we saw their faces though.  There of course is a story to these inasmuch as when we travel one of the restaurants of choice is the Cracker Barrel.  For some it's the food, but for the three of them it's being able to sit at the table playing this game until your food arrives.  Who do you think the pink one belongs to?

Spring Mega Crop Weekend

You'll have noticed in the newsletter that we have confirmation now for the Spring Mega Crop Weekend.  So get busy and talk to your friends and family, arrange your days off and be ready when we announce the opening of registration in the weeks to come.
Linda and I have begun the planning process for the class and will soon look at "make and takes" and all the other aspects that go into what we hope will be another great weekend retreat for you.

Until Later 
Happy Crafting



  1. I'm curious what the game is they play, are the pegs stuck in the holes or do they move?


  2. The pegs are stuck in the holes and you leave one hole empty. Jump the others over each other and try to have just one peg left at the end of the game. Can be quite challenging.