Monday, January 21, 2013

Still Re-Organising

You know, it's really kind of fun and a bit catching too as our dear Elaine told me on Friday that she has been inspired by Di and myself to work at  the re-organising of her crafting space too.

Remember I told you that I wasn't altogether happy with my Distress Ink stand.  Well I'm re-working it and so far am much happier with it.  I'm not at the point that I can show you the installation, but will show you a sneak peek here....more to come later.  I have two of these and can hold all my Distress Inks as well as some other ink pads too.

We've had our share of laughter and tears this past week, which in part was why there wasn't a bi-weekly posting.

There was much fun and laughter as it was my dear husband's birthday on Wednesday, which we celebrated as a family on Sunday.

I'll show you a couple of cards he received.  As she did with Jonathan's birthday card,  Linda also fashioned her Dad's card  from a previous card class.  

Here's the card class version with the flower vase and her more masculine version.

This one above is very personal and if you know us really well, you can probably guess how it relates to our family.  Drop into the store and tell us your guess.  

The card with the age on it....yes he really is that age and I was VERY young when we were married....LOL.  Well anyway, the banner down the right side actually removes and is a bookmark with a magnet to hold it firmly in place.

So for you ladies who often ask for birthday cards with a more masculine theme, here are some ideas.

Have you  been signing up for the Technique Card Classes, because that's when we try to incorporate the requested card themes?  They fill up really quickly so you have to be on the ball because although we have a waiting list unfortunately it's rare to have cancellations.

Linda and I had more laughs last week as we fulfilled our gift giving obligation....not that that's quite the right word.  We gave our daughter/sister a promise of a living room paint job as part of her Christmas gift. 
After shopping with her to choose the paint colours she liked, we made a plan to go there on Wednesday of last week hoping that at the very least we would be able to paint the ceilings. 

Hers is an open concept plan, so that meant although our gift was for the living room which included the front entry to be painted, we were aware that we would  have to paint the ceilings through the living room, dining room, kitchen and hall.  So we moved in with drop sheets, rollers, broom handles, paint brushes and of course the paint.  

We purchased the ceiling paint that goes on pink and dries white so that we would know where we had painted.  It's a stucco ceiling, a chore rather than a joy, so that meant we had to make our own joy, which we did.  Paint was dripped down the walls (wiped up of course) and on the black dog too when he decided to admire our artwork...LOL.  

But the biggest laugh, which unfortunately we didn't get photos of, and we actually didn't laugh until much later either, was when the paint bucket spilled on the carpet!  No of course it wasn't just a little, it was lots, causing us to scramble to scoop up what we could, mop up more and then use the carpet cleaner with clean water to get the remainder. You ask was it in an inconspicuous spot?  Of course not...right in front of the large window on a light grey rug.  However I would bet that you couldn't find the spot now, and I'd bet too that you wouldn't want to hire us to paint in your homes either!

The week also brought tears as Linda's mother-in-law's life came to a close early this morning.  A very sad time for all her family members.  
Many of our dear customers were aware of the challenges Linda faced last week as she was in and out of the store going to the hospital as often as she could.  She thanks you for all the love, prayers and concern you showered upon her. 
Though of course this was a week of sadness it also brought to the forefront the love and support of family and friends.  A son that lovingly sat and slept at the hospital hardly leaving his mother's bedside for more than six days, supporting and comforting her.  A granddaughter who also sat for many many hours stroking her beloved Oma's arm,  holding her hand, talking to her and showing care and kindness beyond her young years.  A grandson whose sorrow made it difficult to leave his dear Oma's bedside for the last time. 
But through all of these moments captured forever in their memories, the love for this dear lady was at the forefront.  She clearly lived a life that drew that love to be with her.
Remember my posting from last week.  It was taken from the blog and shown to Linda's husband as encouragement sometime over the past couple of days.

Don't have your camera too far away and miss the opportunities 
to record a life well lived and a person well  loved.

Until later


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