Monday, February 4, 2013

Winter Wonderland

I was sitting by the fire today with a cup of tea, reading a book when I glanced out of the window and thought what a beautiful day this is today. The snow was on the trees, the sky was blue and the sun was shining is good!
Yes snow means driveways to be cleared, but it was light and fluffy snow that fell.  Of course that's not good for snowman making, but the children were back at school is good!

                                            love this.

Linda was mentioning in the newsletter that we had re-organised the one wall of cards in the store.  Have you seen it yet?  It's so hard to display all the cards that are made either at the Thursday Technique Class or the All Day Card Classes.  However they do look much better now and we only had to retire a few to make display space. 
Can you see any cards you've made in these past classes?  

Here's a peek at the wall.

These are just some of the cards on display.   Did you recognise any you've made in the past?  Drop into the store to see more.

Were you one of the lucky ones that was quick enough to get registered in the March All Day Card Class.  Linda always cautions in the newsletter to contact us as soon as you can because classes sign up so fast and this was no exception with only one spot left by Thursday afternoon.  
If you wanted to be in it though, all is not lost.  Give us a call and we can add you to a list and we may be able to put together a second class.  It's always a busy but fun filled time no matter whether it's all occasion cards as this class will be, or Christmas cards.  Lots to learn and you'll have a minimum of ten models to make new cards from.  

Take a look at a card that Linda made today modeled from a previous class.  This is being given to Rachel's host family in Quebec when she goes on her French exchange program this week.                        This is the card that she modeled hers from.  We made it in an August 2010 Technique class

And here are two views of the card that she made for Rachel's host family.  Isn't that the cutest stamp that she used.  So perfect for two schoolgirls meeting one another in person for the first time.  They've met a few times on Skype in the past few weeks and they've learned a little about each other and their respective families despite the differences in language.

Do you recall my saying in the last blog that I'd have to clean my craft room before I could take some photos to show you what I've done?  Well that hasn't happened yet.  Well it has, but then it quickly got messed up again with some sewing projects, a re-upholstery project and more prep for up-coming  classes.   

In saying that, I found this on my PC that I saved back in 2010 according to the file.....

                                   I can't clean my room
because I get distracted
by all the cool stuff I find.

Is that your problem too? Maybe the garage sale that we will be holding on February 23rd  will be useful to you?  As you clean and go through your crafting stash, weed out what you don't use/need any more and turn it into new cool stash.  

How it works, is that you bring into the store "stuff" that you no longer use from your stash with an attractive price on it. Someone else sees it and wants just exactly that to add to their stash and they buy it. You get the money in the form of a gift  certificate that you can use to add new "stuff" to your stash.  

A win/win situation for vendor (you) and buyer (who knows).  The cost to you, just $5.00 a bin and believe me, you can get lots in a bin.  
So get busy take a look at what you've accumulated that you no longer use and get in touch with us soon.

If you weren't at the Crop and Craft Night last Friday then you missed out on an evening of  laughter and learning.  We had two young people and a Mom who wanted to learn to knit and did a great job as they started on a cowl scarf with a variety of stitches.  Moving at their own pace and learning in their own way they were a happy bunch.   

And Jane who just wanted to learn how to size, not just crop her photos and put them into a map so that she could see where she was going before starting on her scrapbook page.  A trick she saw and liked from another Friday night scrapbooker. Take a look here at what Jane had to say on our Facebook page
Such a kind  and encouraging comment, thank you Jane.
We also had scrapbookers, card makers and jewelry makers, so lots of activity and so much laughter.
Why don't you join us some Friday to pursue the craft of your choice, be it one of the above or another you would like to learn that we may be able to teach you.

Here's a link for any knitters and crocheters out there.  You will find a zillion (can you count that high) patterns on this site and you will be sure to find something that you just have to make. 
Until later, Happy Crafting

Have to wish my sister-in-law a Happy Birthday for the 7th...hope you have a lovely, lovely day and are totally spoiled June.


  1. I misread info re the garage sale, 3rd paragraph I read as " you can get lost in a bin". But then I thought, not such a mistake after all, I bet you could get lost searching down to the bottom
    for hidden treasure. Have fun ladies!

  2. LOL...yes you can get LOST looking in a bin, because for all they aren't very deep you can get LOTS in them. Too bad you live so far away you may have been able to add to your "stuff".