Friday, January 11, 2013

Did you Notice?

Depends what time you were looking at the last post as to whether or not you saw the photos I posted.  What a challenge that was!  I'm not a computer "nerd" by any stretch of the imagination, but can usually work a program to my advantage....however.....the programming changed and I wasn't ready for that.  

The quick easy way that I had always been able to upload photos didn't seem to be available to me any more.  I had to learn another way of uploading, that in itself was a learning curve.
Then to cap it all off, my sister-in-law sent me an email to say that she had seen that she was featured on the blog, but could only see the one photo of my Distress Inks...Yikes!!.  This was just about the time that people would be opening their weekly newsletter and hopping across to the blog to see what was new and I had no photos showing.  

After a bit of struggling I found I could upload photos my old way if I used Google Chrome (I'd been avoiding changing to that... I HATE CHANGE).  So I reloaded photos with the exception of the Distress Ink because that was showing, right?  I forgot to upload two of the photos in the rush to get it going again and then found that now the Distress Ink photo didn't show any more.  Why are these things so difficult?

Are you getting the drift?  I haven't been around my computer since then because I was sure there were Gremlins living inside it and I wanted no part of them, but here I am again re-energised from a great card class at the store tonight with some wonderfully fun ladies.

First I'll repost the photos of the Distress Inks that I labelled.  I'm not sure I'm completely happy with them and am working on a different way of doing it now.  I made the original strips a little wide and my tape that I covered the label to keep it clean was wider than it might have been...however not a bad first attempt.  As they release, I will replace them, but in the meantime here's the photo that you should have seen.

I'm not finished with the shelving unit I'm making for them, but will show you that later.  The new labels I've typed up will wrap all the way around the ink pad, being visible from all sides, with the name on one side.

I also mentioned in the previous post about some merchandise changes at the store, but forgot to post those photos in the rush to get the blog up to date when the photos didn't show.  Here are the two sides of the glue aisle since Linda reorganised them.  Much easier to see and select  product now.   Drop in and have a look at the selection.

I mentioned earlier that I was re-energised from a great card class tonight.  We have a fantastic group of ladies that join us for card classes and they are continually challenging us with requests for class content.  
Tonight as we all got back into routine, they were in top form completing their cards in record time which allowed for some of us to have an impromptu class on quilling.  This has been a request before as class content, but can be time consuming and a little fiddly for some peoples hands. However tonight I had a chance to show those interested in this technique how to make a few simple flowers and stems.
I'll post tonight's cards to Flickr later.

Before I leave you tonight though ladies, I thought I would share with you an article I found when blog hopping the other night and along with it a request from a customer for a quote I had seen last year.  Both things tie in quite nicely I think you'll agree. 

The blog entry is about a young woman called Aleida which you can read here.  It is a story that though sad I would encourage you to use as a poignant reminder of how quickly life can change and follow the example of Aleida.  Don't worry if your hair or your clothes aren't perfect when someone has the camera out.  

Take the photo that you are who you are and leave proof that you lived on this earth.
Go the step further and scrapbook those not so perfect photos so that those that come after you know who you are in all facets of your life.

And the quote that I shared with our customer last year and which she was asking me about on Tuesday is this.   Sorry I don't recall exactly where I picked it up, but think it could have been a blog called Ginger's House, she has some lovely word art you can download.

I challenge you to make sure that everyone knows that you lived and scrapbook those not so perfect photos in Aleida's memory.

Until later, Happy Crafting


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