Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Were You Watching and Proud to be a Canadian?

Although I didn't see the start of the men's hockey game (not being a hockey fan) I did see most of it. We cannot help but be proud of all our athletes for their outstanding performances in the 2014 Sochi Games.
Undoubtedly many stories to be told once again, heartache, pride, sacrifice all the qualities of Olympians.
and particularly Huntsville's Dara Howell on her gold medal win, shown here with Kim Lamarre who won bronze in the same event.

I was wondering if you ever look at our Flickr Site?  

This is where we post the photos of card classes, or Mega Crop Weekend scrapbook pages.

Here's just a sample of what you'll see there.

I've been negligent lately in keeping it up to date, but have uploaded some photos tonight if you want to hop on over there to take a look.  


We've had good response from vendors to the Garage Sale, so make sure you're available if you want to get some of the bargains that day.  
There's still time if you'd like to be a vendor. Please drop into the store soon to register.

Just as a reminder, it's March 8th at the store and we open at 9a.m.  
This is an ideal time to increase your supplies if you're a new crafter.

The sale will go all day, but it's the early bird that gets the worm they say.

I came across a great website this week for all the embroidery needle artists in our midst.  Well actually it's a Pergamano website so works as a double whammy, whether you like embroidery or Pergamano, this site is well worth a look. 
Here's just one design they're sharing, click here and scroll down a little to see more.

For those that don't know what Pergamano is, it's a card making technique using parchment paper. You trace the design (like the one shown to the left) using the ball head of your stylus onto the parchment paper.  

The pressure of your stylus creates a white line on the parchment paper.  
Once the design is all traced, you can enhance the lines by going over them a second time.  You can also add shading to a flower in the same way.

Still not clear on it?  Then drop into the store and see some samples and look at both the parchment paper and stylus for a better understanding.

Have you registered for the Spring All Day Card Class yet?  Not too many spots are still available so if you're wanting to participate, now is the time to get off the fence and call the store. 
The date doesn't work for you? Then let us know and we'll put you on a waiting list for another date.  

We have seven of the ten cards made now and two more in the works. That means only one to go and the cutting begins!

Speaking of registration....are you ready because....


Registration for the Mega Crop Weekend opens on Thursday morning of this week, February 27th 2014.  

27 hours of joyous scrapbooking with others who love to craft in the same way as you do. Time for memories to be recorded in our scrapbooks.
Is that not BLISS!  
And as well as that, there are prizes, goodie bags, challenges, and make and takes for you to learn from.  
And it doesn't stop there!  You get to be waited on with your meals and snacks. No preparing food, no washing dishes and all of this for just $120.00.   

The early bird special for the first fifteen registrants is a free class.  
Don't despair though if you aren't in the first fifteen, you can still participate in the class for just $20.00 and believe me it's well worth that fee.  

Linda has been diligently prepping the pages for this class, and they are coming along beautifully. We don't like to reveal what you will be doing exactly, but be prepared to be busy making six single scrapbook pages, full of techniques and embellishments.

I was looking on the Red Heart website the other day and came upon this pattern for wristlets
What they had to say there is that if you can knit a swatch, then you can knit these wristlets.  
Basically if you can knit and purl these are very doable for anyone.  

I was intrigued by them and had some oddments of yarn so had to sit down (yes I just had to) and make them last night. 
Took me about an hour and a half and I was done. 

Here's the link to the PDF pattern and here's what I made.  
I did make the rib at the wrist longer than the pattern called for, but otherwise much the same. You can see there's no thumb to be knitted and no casting off at the top of the hand, so a very simple rectangle sewn up the side.  Great for driving I would think.

Well I'm almost done...I bet you're glad about that...LOL
My sister in law sent me some household tips and tricks that she thought may be interesting to everyone.  I've loaded them as a page that you can access on the right hand sidebar under 
PAGES - Household Tips and Tricks.  
Here's just one of them...did you know this?  There are many more if you look under Household Tips and Tricks.  Thanks Di for your contribution.

Take your bananas apart when you get home from the store.  If you leave them connected at the stem, they ripen faster.

And here for everyone this week are words that I have had saved forever and surely apply to each one of you that read the content of this blog don't you think?

Until Later...Happy Crafting


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