Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How I Love to Learn! (Well Most Things Anyway)

Whether it was the twelve year old customer on Saturday, so taken with the intricate knots she was working on her friendship bracelet, that she wanted me to understand the technique. Or the fourteen year old that saved some of her school work in order to teach the technique to me....I do love their enthusiasm and that they don't see me as too old to learn something new.  

Rachel and I had a lovely couple of hours together again tonight as she worked on her ongoing T-shirt quilt. It's a learning curve for both of us and yet we enjoy the lessons we learn together.  All our cardmakers may like to know that she's just as conservative of material as I am.  

So what have you been up to this week?  I have some more mittens knitted for the school and have begun in earnest to prepare for both the upcoming Mega Crop Weekend and for the All Day Card Class. Though we haven't been able to secure confirmation of our preferred date yet for the Card Class, we know it will be happening and have five cards in the works already.  Two made, three in the works and just five more to go, not too shabby.

Talking of Card Classes, we had a lovely time with the ladies last Thursday as we put them through their paces, and they came out glowing with pride in what they were able to achieve with ease.  

Using the We R Memory Keepers envelope score board and the measurements Linda and I had worked out, they were able to make an easy envelope box for the Valentine card they made.  

This card had a paper bow on it, which the ladies made on the envelope score board. 
The bow caused the card to be a bit thicker than the average card, hence the need for the box, which they decorated with stamps as well. 

And here you see the box.

As you can see from the side shot, it's an envelope style of box, and once you've got the measurements worked out, as easy as pie to make.
Just so that you can get a good close up look at it, here's the other card the ladies created.  

Using one of the Cover-a-Card Impression Obsession stamps on both this card and the Valentine card (yes the hearts were stamped from a Cover-a-Card Background stamp), the ladies learned a little more of the versatility of these stamps.
Having them on sale last week, they were pleased to have the opportunity of a bargain.  
One of our customers came up from the city last week, especially to purchase one of these stamps when she saw them on sale in the newsletter. She was thrilled to find the one she wanted was in stock!

You never did tell me what you have been working on this past week?  
I know my sister-in-law has been busy knitting double thick mittens for my mother-on-law, with just one more to finish.  
We gave a quick little lesson in the store last week on how to make these to Diane.  
I know my sister has been busy sorting through her crafting stuff, partly in preparation for her upcoming move, but also for  her granddaughter to take some to nursery school.  
Have you been sorting through yours ready for the garage sale? 

Although we don't have confirmation of the All Day Card Class date, which impacts on the Garage Sale choice of date, it is coming up soon.  So be like a girl scout and "Be Prepared".  Imagine how much fun it is to change that which you aren't using into an in-store credit note to purchase new "stuff".

As for knitting, I was browsing the Internet the other night and came across this design, which I promptly fell in love with and just HAVE to try.  You know how it is don't you?

Celtic Cable Knitting Pattern Free
I'm not in love with the colour, but love the Celtic Cable design, and the pattern is available here for free.  

In some blogs it was called a Saxon Braid.  
Download Horizontal Cable Hat
I see it as a band around a toque like this, how do you see it?   Click on the highlighted words and you can download the pattern for the toque. This website, though not as full of patterns as Ravelry, still it's a good resource.

Big Bloom Hat
I was privy to some nice show and tell last week. Not only did I see the finished large crochet doily that Carol's been working on, she also showed me a lovely little beanie she crocheted for her granddaughter for Valentines Day.  

Isn't it delightful?  We tried to find a free shamrock pattern, but didn't have any luck there. If you know of one, please leave a comment at the end of the blog and Carol can make another for St Patrick's Day.

Well we've segued nicely into Valentines again, do you have a card made for your beloved, but are looking for the perfect words?  There are some nice words here, and you can print them directly.

Now we've looked after the knitters and crocheters above.  
Don't forget if you want to learn either of these needle arts, all you have to do is, let us know, and sign up for the Friday Night Crop and Craft Night to learn. 
I had a lady into the store on Saturday and she was just learning to knit.  She  told me she'd never knitted in her life before, and her first project was a hat and scarf with a cable stitch.  This lady shared with me that she was 82 years young!  She also said she wished she'd learned years ago, so don't have the same regret yourself, start now!

For all of you who have a Silhouette Cutting Machine, have you looked at this blog here?  It's a great resource for learning how to get the best out of your machine. Why not hop over and take a look. There are so many tutorials to learn from. None the least is how choosing a design from the Silhouette online shop can sometimes nab you more than the simple design you are looking for, but perhaps more embedded within that design that you can use. You can also download a full manual from this site if it would be helpful to you to have one on hand.

My very last item this week is for the needle artists in our midst. If you like to embroider, then you'll enjoy this little design which I've had on my PC for a long time, so don't know where I downloaded it from.
Wouldn't it be cute on a pillowcase or a quilt block?

The words for this week are keeping in mind that Valentines Day is almost upon us......

If you look carefully, you will see I've taken the liberty of altering these words just a little here. You could maybe use them for the inside of your beloved's card.
Whichever way you may use them, please enjoy Ginger's House words.

Until later....Happy Crafting


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