Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Do You Believe Six More Weeks of Winter?

No way I say, that ground hog must be wrong.  However I'll take the snow and cold every day over the flooding in other parts of the world.   Did you also know, that February 3rd is usually the coldest day of the year?   At least that's what I heard on the news last night, so that's behind us now as well. Looking and moving forward to warmer weather.

I came upon this as I was trolling the Internet this past week, and thought what lovely gift it would make. With Family Day and Valentine's Day soon to be on us, maybe it could be an unexpected gift for someone in your family?  

Just a simple black frame, a flourish and the word family cut from black cardstock on your Silhouette machine.  Add to it the photo of your choice, and you're done. Quick, easy and inexpensive to boot.

We have some nice 12 x 12 shadow box frames in stock 
at the Craft Nook.

Here's a flourish I found on Google images. To use it, all you have to do is take it into your Silhouette program, and trace it to make a cut file. 

I took this flourish copied and pasted it, then overlaid it to make a longer flourish before I made it into a cut file that I've saved in my Silhouette library for future use.

Don't know how to do that?  Then why not join us on a Friday night for some instruction.

We had a good night last Friday and although I didn't get any knitting done, I did start on the bones of a scrapbook page that I've since completed.  Here's how I go about creating a scrapbook layout.  

After I've chosen the photos I want to use, I begin my pages by finding a layout that appeals to me.  My page may not look the same as the sketch by the time I'm finished, but I like that jumping off place that a sketch gives me.  I may rotate the original sketch, flip it, or mirror image it to make it work for me. 

My next step is to crop, or more likely to reduce the size of a photo in my photo editing program, to fit the suggested sizes in the sketch. I'll also look at the sizes and placement of the papers on the sketch, making note of the measurements.  

Once my photos are printed I look at the paper combinations I want to use and perhaps the embellishments at the same time.  

I prefer to do some legwork before I begin my layout and then the actual layout doesn't take me long to put together.

Here's my beginning sketch and my finished layout.  Taken from Scrapbook and Cards Today.
The photos are very personal so I've blurred and covered them, but you can still see the colour concepts that caused me to select these papers.
You can see how I've flipped the page with the large circle to the left page and only used four rather than five photos on that page. My journaling was minimal on this layout so I removed the journaling space and used an 8 x 10 photo on that side. The title went on the top left corner instead of the bottom middle and I didn't add the circle highlights to either page.  You can see how my sketch was the jumping off place, but then I made it my own layout.

Marta was asking me about a place to get title ideas from.  I have posted it before, but for those that missed it here are not one, but two websites that offer a myriad of ideas.  There are groupings and then sub groupings so save them to your favorites and you should never be at a loss for a good title.

Come and join us in two weeks for some scrapbooking and crafting fun on Friday night. 

Looking to the weeks ahead, have you cleared your calendar so that you can attend the April Mega Crop Weekend?

You know what they say about good intentions don't you?  
I had intended to knit a few pairs of mittens this week to donate to one of the schools, but I only managed one pair. Still one pair more than I had last week.  

How about you?  Did you dig out any of your scrap yarn to use up this way?  

Did you see some of the lovely yarn that just came into the store? Oooh it's nice and if you want to try some arm knitting there's some really great chunky yarn now too.

Linda and I are always up for show and tell, so it was lovely when Pauline emailed to us a photo of a card she made.  
In the last Thursday Technique Class we had introduced the ladies to some quilled flowers. Pauline used this idea on a sympathy card she made. You can see the quilled flower in the centre of the heart cut out.  Didn't she do a terrific job?  

Thanks Pauline for sharing.

If you are interested in the heart die, let us know.  Although we don't presently have it in stock, we can get it for you.

Make sure you get signed up for the Thursday Technique Class to learn new ideas you can use on both your card making and scrapbook pages.  
Just two spots left this week!

I'm pretty sure most of you know about the elastic band craft that's so popular right now.  Well after the exams were completed last week and Rachel had three days off school, she spent the first day just vegging out. 

Here's what she created, what do you think?  All done with elastic bands!

We have the bands and clips back in stock right now, but still waiting on the looms.  Let us know if you want one and we can tag one for you as soon as they arrive.

Do you have your valentine card made for your sweetie yet? 
Linda showed you
lots of items that will help you create the perfect card, so don't delay.
Get in early before they're all gone.

For all the crafters and recyclers out there.  See how to change these empty wipe containers into useful bag storage. 
 By using Mod Podge a foam brush (both available at the Craft Nook), and either fabric or scrapbook paper (available at the Craft Nook) a somewhat boring container can begin a new life.
This blogger also explains here how to fold your plastic bags so that you can pull them from the top of the container.

Your words for the week....

Until Later....Happy Crafting



  1. Once again I'm needing to search out on information given in the blog, you manage to hook me every week on something that is new or challenging.

    I'm off to google elastic band craft as UK to Bracebridge is just a little to far for a quick tutorial by the blogging guru AKA Lilian.

    Have a great week everyone,

    Judi did you get to grips with the envelope board punch? Di

  2. Blogging Guru? That caused me to laugh, but thanks for your kind words Di.

    Do a quick Google search for UK sources of the elastic loom. I sent some links I found to my sister Christine, so let me know if you don't have success.

    Pleased I caught your interest again.......Lilian

  3. We are always amazed how many people look at the newsletter or blog whilst away on vacation...maybe it's just to tease us ...who knows.

    This was received from our friend Jen lazing on the beach in the sun, and yes we noticed you looked at the newsletter too Angela from the sunny shores of Mexico.

    Hello Linda and Lillian,
    Hello from Curaçao. We (Steve and I) are having a great time, and I have taken a few minutes to check out this weeks newsletter. I can't seem to miss your news no matter where I am. Love the background stamps.

    Thinking of you while we laze about the beach and the pool.