Monday, October 28, 2013

Fall is Definitely Here

And the leaves are just about all down.  We spent the day today raking, blowing and picking them up from the ground, but still not quite done.  Did I mention I love the fall?  Hmm.....maybe it's the colour that I love rather than the work that goes with it when you live on a treed lot.  Never mind, I saw on the news that Manitoba has had a good falling of snow, so what am I complaining about.

Our company went home yesterday....(too soon, too soon), with the concern as to whether or not their plane would land at the scheduled airport.  It did, but lots of damage in southern England due to a nasty storm.
We went from shirt sleeve weather whilst they were here, to warm jackets...oh Canada.

Our Christmas Card Classes began last Saturday with twenty busy ladies making ten cards each.  Can you imagine at the end of five hours, 200 cards had been produced.  From newbies to more experienced, our ladies quickly learned that they have to work as a team and not dally over what comes next, just get it done. In the end they were thrilled with their accomplishments.  One of the ladies said to me, I can't believe that I've just made ten cards that I like and haven't heat embossed one of them!

Linda and I always wonder which one will be the the eye catcher.  Which one will be most liked by the ladies. This time it was an old world Santa.  Not what I expected, because I had picked a tree to be the most popular.  We strive to have a real mix of styles and colours in the hopes that they will appeal to most people and I think from the comments we achieved that once again.  We'll see what tomorrow brings, but here's a little sneak peek of a couple of them.

Last week found me busy making a scrapbook album that my sister-in-law took back to England to mail to a niece.  I don't often take the time to scrapbook in blocks of time it made me feel like the ladies at the Mega Crop only I was scrapping in the evenings mostly.  I certainly enjoyed what I was doing though and completed seven double layouts and one single.  I'm not the fastest scrapbooker as I enjoy the process of design and embellishment, so this was quite satisfactory to me.  I will be making more pages and mailing them to be added to the book later.

How about yourselves, what craft did you achieve this past week?  I found a great knitting pattern here which I may work on soon.  It comes in child through adult sizing and is bulky yarn and large needles so you can imagine it will work up really fast methinks.

I also had the pleasure of a visit from Rachel tonight as she wanted to make an apron to go with her Halloween costume.  What a joy it is to work together, she is quite the sewer.

Have you seen the crafter's trash bags that she has made and are for sale in the store?  Here's a sampling of one of them.  With non-slip gripper to keep them firmly in place, they're perfect to take to class to collect your scrap paper and such in.

Have you committed to being a part of the gift tag swap yet?  Linda will be calling that to start soon, so if you think you would like a variety of tags for your Christmas parcels, make sure you get in touch soon.  All you have to do is design one Christmas tag.  
It can be round, rectangular, square.  Cut on your Silhouette, Cuttlebug or by hand.  
Not entirely sure what other parameters there may be, but I do know that there will need to be a minimum of two layers
Then all you do is make however many tags for the numbers signed up, for example 10 and you will receive one of yours back and nine other different tags.  Now how easy is that and how great your Christmas parcels will look this year! 

Pauline who suggested this swap kindly offered a few samples for you to see right here.  

Here are a few more ideas for you to ponder for your design.


And look here at these "Tim Holtz" style tags.  There's no end of inspiration for you to tap into, so don't delay any longer, call the store and register to participate in the gift tag swap.

Until Later....Happy Crafting,



  1. Hello Ladies -
    would you please let Rachel know that I am so happy with the "cloth trash bag" that she made.

    I have used it several times while crafting away in my family room and not having to clean all the scraps off the floor when I am finished!!!

    I was very impressed with the job she did on sewing the bags.

    Thanks and have a good day.

  2. We received this email from Candice and thought you would like to know how pleased she was with the craft bag she purchased from Rachel.
    As you can see from Candice's comments this could make a great Christmas gift for the crafter on your list, or yourself even.

    We will pass the message on to Rachel for you Candice.
    She really is a great little sewer isn't she.