Monday, October 7, 2013

The Snowball Effect

     Well aren't you lucky - you've got me this week instead of Lilian!  The snowball effect seems to have started and it's not even winter.  Lilian's house will begin to fill this week as the first of our Mega Croppers arrive.  This one is an international paper crafter who I'm sure has brought an empty suitcase along to fill with treasures!  The snowball effect continues with more Mega Crop relatives and card classes soon after.  But before all of this can happen there's a little bit of prep left to do - hence the reason I'm writing your blog today.

     We enjoyed yet another great Technique Class last Thursday - even though some of you wondered if we'd be up to it when we'd just returned from our vacation.  A little while ago one of our ladies asked for a refresher on how to emboss with Spellbinder cutting dies ... so, that's what we did in class.  This card was shown in this week's newsletter but of course they're always better in person.  For now though we have a close up ...

     Having cut the rectangle, on which we later stamped our tree, we used our polymer mat to emboss the inside edge of the cutting die.  The same was done with the label cut from our floral patterned paper.  However, we sanded this edge to allow the white core of the paper to show through.  Also take a close look at our ribbon and button - instead of tying a bulky knot with the ribbon we simply stitched through and the around the ribbon causing it to be pinched in and have the look of a knot.

     As much as we enjoy sharing with all of you, we very much enjoy when you share with us!  This past weekend one of our avid scrappers/paper crafters dropped into the store to update her "stash" and introduced Lilian to a great app. 
If you're not familiar with the techie jargon - an app is an application that can be downloaded to your phone or Ipad.  This app is called Scrap Stash available through Scrappypedia.  Click HERE to link to their website.

   The first step involves downloading the app then creating a free login.  Once you've done this you can use your Iphone to scan the barcodes of everything in your stash.  
Now when you drop by the store to shop and can't remember whether you already have a particular colour of Distress Ink, you can simply check your Scrap Stash! 

But there's more!

     Scrappypedia has so much more on their & tricks, inspiration, and sneak  peeks at new collections.  Are you trying to organize your stash?  Join the Scrap Stash Organization Club and receive daily prompts to help you get control of your scrapping supplies.  Start organizing by joining the club at any time and these 15 minute tasks will keep you on track.  Once your stash is organized you'll be more productive and what better way than to use up some of your stash.  The Scrap Stash Kit Club will provide you with a monthly video and photos of a kit created from the stash of Scrappypedia.  Your job is to pull similar items from your own stash and then create pages, cards and projects along with Scrappypedia!

And it's all FREE!

     Once you're organized and using up your supplies, it will be time to shop and add to your stash again!

     Until Later ... Happy Crafting!


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