Monday, November 4, 2013

The Bar Has Been Raised!

We told the ladies at Christmas Card Class #3 that some of the ladies at the second class were finished by 2 o'clock with just some colouring to do.  
Well the third class rose to the challenge and four of them were completely finished before 2 o'clock!  

I can't imagine what we might expect from the fourth class this Saturday.  

Linda and I had jokingly been saying that the fourth class may regret being in that class as we may be tired of teaching by then, but not so.  
We have had some lovely ladies in all three classes and everything has gone extremely smoothly, thus we've had lots of fun teaching.  

Nothing to fear if you're signed up for class number four, 
we're not burnt out.

We're well into the creating of samples for the next four classes now. See the dates in the newsletter.  In the two gifty classes the registrants will be making two to three quick hostess style crafts. Each class will have different crafts, so be sure to register for both.  There are so many people at Christmas that we want to recognise for the little kindnesses they show all year long, such as school secretaries, teachers, doctors, the cashier at the grocery store, the mailman/woman, the shut-in down the street.  The list could go on and on and these quick little crafts are an ideal way of saying thank you.

The third class will have you making five to six quick Christmas cards when you've realised that you aren't going to get those special ones done.  And then the fourth one will show you how to make two to three very ornate cards that are a gift in themselves.  Make sure you get registered early for each class as they will only happen once!

Have you registered for the gift tag swap yet?  This is your last chance to do so.  Pauline approached us about this as she can see the benefit of designing one gift tag and getting ten different ones back to her in the swap.  If like me you enjoy wrapping the gifts that you give, then a fancy and unique tag is an important part of the gift.  Linda has all the details, simple as they are, for you in this weeks newsletter. Don't delay, call us this week to get registered. Here's another idea for you if you're sitting on the fence wondering if you should participate.  Just type Christmas gift tag into Google images and there's a myriad of inspiration there.

This is the time of year when so many products and ideas are flowing. Scrapbook and Cards today has their new Planner/Calendar coming out soon and if you want to be sure to snag one, then get your name on the list before they come in. They're due into the store by about December the fourth.  That's a 64 page spiral bound planner/calendar with 30 page sketches for you to work from with more layouts created by the designers to inspire you.  

All this for only $12.99....
                 DO NOT MISS OUT ON THIS ONE!

For all the knitters in our midst I came across an amazing revelation this week on a blog.  They have a video that teaches you how to knit without turning your work!  After watching the video I realised I knew how to do it, but had never applied it as such.  It's a great idea to keep in your mind for when you are knitting short rows and well worth a few minutes of your time.  Bonus, they also have a number of interesting free knitting patterns you can download.

I was looking in my files the other day for some felt patterns and came across this door knob hanger that I've had a long time now. Although I don't have a cutting pattern for it, I think you could duplicate it with very little effort.  
Another great little Christmas gift idea.

Here's another idea that I made as a table favour for all the ladies at the recent Mega Crop.  With a little bit of felt, embroidery floss and some beads it makes a quick and easy tree decoration.
Drop into the store to see a sample of this Santa.

Did you get all your leaves raked up?  With all the rain this year, we found it a particular challenge, but I finished up the last the other day.  As I came into the house to make myself a cup of tea, I thought I'd check my emails first.
This is what I found in my inbox.............

I thought it was a great idea, so I sat with my cup of tea and read my book.

Until Later, Happy Crafting......


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