Monday, October 14, 2013

Hope Everyone Enjoyed A Happy Thanksgiving?

Ours was a lovely elongated weekend in that family arrived from England on Thursday afternoon.

Unbeknownst to them their son, daughter-in-law and grandson were already visiting in Canada and we had planned to meet up with them and surprise their parents.
And it indeed was a surprise! 

Can you imagine seeing your son and his family in front of you at a restaurant when you are thinking they are 3,000 miles away in England.

A lovely few days spent together with glorious weather for a trip on the Lady Muskoka and then they flew home on the Sunday, leaving my brother-in-law and wife to enjoy another two weeks in our beautiful town.

The reason for their coming is so that Diane can enjoy a weekend at the Mega Crop Weekend this next weekend.

Are all you ladies who are coming as well organised as she is?  
Her photos have all been developed now and they are in page protectors with the page design as well as any memorabilia.  
Hopefully this week we will be choosing papers that will suit each page and she will be able to create many pages this coming weekend.
Feel free to drop in if you're in the vicinity and see some of the wonderful works of art being created.  We will be at the Rotary Centre for Youth, just down the street from the store.

I heard our other most organised scrapper Barb, was in the store last week choosing her papers to go with the photos and designs she's prepared.  I cannot stress too much how doing this makes for a very productive weekend.
If you haven't done it, then look again at this link  scroll down just below the page of my great niece for ideas on how to be organised for a weekend of scrapbooking.
Also here for title ideas scrolling down once again just below the sub title 
Planning and Preparation Prevent Poor Performance.

And of course our cardmakers will be preparing for their Christmas card classes too.
We are holding four this year, all at the Independent Grocery Store on October 26th, 29th, November 2nd and 9th.  I think there may be a couple of places left, but in my absence from the store in the past few days I'm not sure, so give Linda a call at the store if you're interested.
She will be posting a list of MUST HAVES for the cardmakers to put in their stash ready for class. 
MUST HAVES mean that you have to have them to create your cards as we won't have them available to you in the kits.  How great is it though that we have a venue close to the store though if you forget something.

So what else have you all been working on?  Were you as excited about how to join your new yarn into your knitted work as some of the ladies I heard from in the store?  
Now the trick is to remember it when you need it...LOL.  Here's the link again if you don't recall it now.  Just scroll down a little and you will see this image and the link.

If you enjoy knitting and have babies in your family, then here's a great link for free patterns.

It's from Knitting Daily and I think you may have to create a free account first, but well worth the few minutes spent in doing that.
Here's a look at one of the patterns.

If embroidery is your passion, then here's a link on how to use a hoop. These are the hoops that I prefer to use as they keep your work nice and taught rather than the wooden ones.  Drop into the store for a selection of sizes to suit your need. 

 Also a free pattern here if you'd like.

Thanksgiving is a time in our family to celebrate birthdays and this year we celebrated three in the week of Thanksgiving.  This is just one of the beautiful cards I received.  It was taken as you see from a layout in the fall issue of Scrapbook and Cards today.  Do you have your copy yet?  All you have to do to receive it is spend $20.00 at the store and you too can take advantage of all the layouts, tips and freebies offered throughout the magazine.

There's never any reason to be bored if you check out the various links I've given you.   If you are though, drop into the store and we will introduce you to a craft that will while away a few hours for you.

Until Later...Happy Crafting


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