Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I Missed It!!!

I've told you before how Fall is my most favourite time of year, (not the work of picking up the leaves).   I love the colours and will gravitate to them in clothing, art, decor...well anything and I missed the glory of Fall this year because it came early.  

I did get a taste of it when my daughter Sandra showed me a photo one of her friends had put on Facebook. 
Such beautiful trees in all of their Fall colours....ah well....such is life.

You're probably saying, how can she complain like that after just coming off a cruise....true, I have nothing to complain about..."life is good."

That's what's on the back of Linda's vehicle, and we had to keep that in mind when we had an unscheduled stop due to a vehicle breakdown on the way home. 

Life was good even at that point because we were able to coast into New River Gorge scenic lookout in West Virginia as we awaited assistance.  
We had found this lookout last year and though we didn't intend to stop again this year, it was a great place to have this happen and spend a couple of hours.

It brought back lovely memories of our previous visit there last year, and we did arrive home safely, though later than intended.

Here's a thought that pertains to our waiting time...


Or perhaps this could apply too.....


Well, now we are home after our adventure and today Linda and I worked on an order that came in whilst we were gone, along with catching up on the notes that Elaine and Judy had left for us.  With some people having to cancel out of classes and others asking to be on waiting lists for perhaps the same classes, we've been able to juggle people around and satisfy most everyone.

We will be opening up another All Day Christmas Card Class and though I haven't had a return phone call of confirmation of venue yet, I hope to be able to tell you that soon, so stay tuned.  
There are already sixteen ladies on the waiting list, so if the date suits them all, then there will only be four more spots available!  So if you're interested, once the date is announced, then don't delay in calling or dropping into the store to register.
Can you imagine with a fourth class being offered, that has the potential of eighty ladies attending the card class.

Here's a sampling of some of the cards that we made at last year's Christmas Card Class.  
You'll have to be registered to see what we are doing this year.

And of course we are in high gear now for the Mega Crop Weekend with 36 ladies expecting to attend there.  Can you imagine how many lovely pages we will have the pleasure of seeing?  Linda and I are always thankful that we remove ourselves from the judging, allowing all the Crop Weekend participants to vote because it is sooooo hard!  

Truly top notch artwork is created that weekend, feel free to drop into the Rotary Youth Centre and take a look. 

Are you ladies getting prepped so that you are ready for a successful weekend?  

My sister-in-law is attending from England this time, her second such Mega Crop Weekend and she emailed me to say that she is working on all the "P" words.  

"Planning and Preparation Prevent Poor Performance."  

I thought that was a good thought to pass on to everyone to help you have a "Productive" weekend.  

Have you taken some time to look at the website I linked you to for title ideas?  Just scroll down a little and you'll find the link there.  I often find that to be one of the brainteasers when the page is coming together, but I can't come up with a catchy title.

 Don't forget also that you don't have to scrap just your most beautiful photos.  
Sometimes you may have a photo that is less than perfect perhaps because it's blurred or over exposed. 
Even those photos will bring a memory into your mind, so don't ignore them because they are less than perfect.
I came across this example of a page and thought it was well worth showing you.  

Here you see a child covering their eyes when the photo was taken.  That photo though, will bring back a memory of the day to the family involved and therefore worth scrapbooking.

Are you a knitter who HATES having to sew in all the ends on their finished work? 
Here's a great tip that's called Russian joining  which will save you that task.

How I wish I'd known this method a long long time ago!!!

Here's another great link for the knitters in our community.  I'ts a free eBook download that shows you how to make approximately 13 different pattern stitches.  You may need to set up a free account, but they have loads of great ideas beside this free pdf eBook, so well worth doing.  
Here's a sampling of some of the stitches you could learn

Well I do hope I've inspired you in some way to either try a new craft or try a new aspect of a craft you love.  
I cannot encourage you enough to take advantage of the opportunity to look at the world of scrapbooking by dropping in to visit with us at the Rotary Centre on the weekend of the Mega Crop.  You are most welcome and believe me those 36 avid scrapbookers will love to show off their work to you.

Until Later....Happy Crafting



  1. Oh WOW! How come we didn't know about "Russian Joining"of yarns! So easy, so quick, neat and tidy.....and logical. All those years of knitting faster to get to the end a row before the wool runs out and then sewing in the ends etc. (Knitters amongst you will know exactly what I meant. I can't be the only person who does that ......or maybe I am). Di

  2. No Di, you aren't the only one that did/does that. Such a simple technique isn't it, now the trick is to remember it when you knit something the next time. I usually find if I use the technique once, then it stays with me.