Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Where Did That Week Go?

I don't know about you, but the week just flew by and I couldn't honestly think of much productive that I accomplished...hate those weeks.

However for the French Exchange Students at Monck Public School it was a power packed week of activities!  
Can you imagine approximately 100 student travelling around our area enjoying time kayaking, canoeing. Exploring downtown Bracebridge and the Wharf at Gravenhurst.   A long day trip to Toronto ending that day with a trip to the theater to name just a few activities they enjoyed!  
Jonathan's twin asked for a "down" day on Sunday because he was so tired...LOL.  Rachel had given her twinned student a lovely mini scrapbook which encompassed Rachel's trip to Quebec and her twinned student's visit here.  I chuckled when I read in one of Rachel's journaled pages how much she had enjoyed her visit to Quebec, but how pleased she was to be going home as her brain was tired from searching for the right french word to use at times.  
I'm sure that was the way with the Quebec students as they journeyed home today, but they had the joy of working on a 60 page English test on their way home...great way to pass the eleven hour journey I guess.

As the end of school approaches you may be in need of a card for the teacher.   Here's a quick idea for you to use. We have some for sale at the store if you don't have time or paper to make them yourself. 

Father's day is fast approaching too, so here's a greeting that you could use on either the front of a card as the focal point, or inside as the greeting.

Linda had mentioned in last weeks newsletter that I may show you some of the felt pieces I  have been playing with, so here are a few samples.  Drop into the store if you want to see them in real life.

They are fun to do, cost next to nothing and take very little time.  A great craft to pick up and put down in the summer or when travelling in the car 
(you need to be the passenger though).

Above you will see three little purses, with the flip side of the blue one below showing the button closure.
The long blue one above and the green one to the right are iPhone or iPod sleeves.

The burgundy with orange flowers above is a needle case with the inside showing on the right.

Here are two special coasters I made for my Mother-in-law as she always used to tell us about the sheep on the hills near where she lives.
 So why not join us on Friday night at the Crop and Craft night and learn how to create these simple felt appliques.

Did I ever tell you what a great researcher my daughter Sandra is? Any time you want to know something, almost before you've finished asking, she's searching on the internet for the answer.  I don't know whether she just thinks of the right key words or what it is, but she really does find out some interesting points.

Before we went to England and Wales she found the webcam in the town where we would be staying in Wales.  She sent us the link and suggested we should try and find the webcam whilst we were there.

Well I don't know if you are aware, but there is a five hour time difference between Canada and England/Wales and quite honestly we forgot about the webcam .....however Sandra didn't!

So one day I sent a quick email to say we had arrived safely and would be going out for dinner shortly.  Sandra picked up that email on her lunch hour, figured the time out and thought she'd just pop on to the PC and see if she might see us on the webcam.  Here's the results of what she found....

I've highlighted in the small square, two people (I know the photo is really poor, but it's a webcam).  Those two people were my husband and I reading the board telling the history of the town.  

Can you imagine what amazing timing that was!
Sandra having her lunch, us just returning from dinner and stopping for such a few moments to read the board, and being seen from three thousand miles away! All in real time as well.  If you look at the time stamp on the photo, you will see it was 6:42 pm in Wales and that would be 1:42 pm in Canada.  The town we were staying in was Aberystwyth and you can see in the background of the photo the ocean of Cardigan Bay, which is part of the Irish Sea.

Well there's your Amazing Video (webcam) story for today along with a little geography too...LOL

I hope I've inspired you to try something new, whether it's card making, applique or Internet research.

Until Later, Happy Crafting


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