Saturday, June 15, 2013

Did You Miss Out on the First Class?

Well our summer card making class which we told you about on Tuesday was filled up by Thursday with a waiting list to boot!  We had some pretty excited card makers from Ottawa and Quebec who were the first to register for the class and then by Thursday some of the ladies from the Technique class had to have their names put onto the waiting list.
Never fear though, we've booked a venue for a second class.  It will be held on Saturday August 3rd at the Community Room in Independent Grocers, so don't delay because there won't be a third repeat of this class.
Linda and I have all ten cards designed though only eight actually made at the moment, but that's not bad in a week is it!

I had the pleasure of some show and tell today.  Lisa was in and purchased some alcohol inks and if any of you know me, of course I had to ask her what she was using the alcohol ink for...right?
Lisa told me that she's been playing with them to paint with and showed me photos of some of her work.  Let me tell you ladies they were beautiful!  One I was greatly impressed with was an abstract field of flowers, similar to the scene to the right, but flowers rather than sky and water.  Perhaps if Lisa sees this post she will share her artwork with you.  I did ask her when her art showing would be and she lied to me inasmuch as she said she's not good enough for that yet....hmmmmm.   Perhaps you will all have the opportunity of being the judge of that if Lisa allows you to see her work.

We had another young lady in on Thursday who was excited to want to knit. She told us that she'd only knitted twice before and didn't know how to cast on or off.  Through talking with her I learned that she only knows how to work garter stitch, but let me tell  you that she left the store with yarn and needles to begin making a blanket.  She was going onto YouTube to find a video to refresh her memory and she was going to make a blanket.  
I was impressed by her excitement and desire to knit which is fast becoming a dying art.  Here's a YouTube video if you feel the same desire to learn this needle-art that she did.
I was also introduced this week to a knitting technique I'd never heard of before and must try in the not too distant future.  It's a Scandinavian technique to prevent the rolling up of the bottom of your garment without knitting a rib.  It's called Twined Knitting and I'll leave you to source that technique.

Until Later ....  Happy Crafting 



  1. Oh my earned those remarks...stunning work, thanks for sharing with me.