Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Just The Other Day

Bumpa was picking them up on his school bus to take them for their first day of kindergarten.  Suddenly they are graduating!!!  How can that be?  But yes it's true, Rachel and Jonathan will be graduating today from Monck Public School.  A day that will be filled with excitement and then sadness as they move on to become High School students. 

Here's a happy moment they've shared in the past.

 No doubt tomorrow they will NOT look like either of these photos, however Jonathan will have his ball cap on!  He ordered a very special one to complement what he's wearing for his graduation, so we'll have to wait on those photos.

Of course our households have been busily creating for this special day with gifts and card for teachers, which will no doubt be shared with you later.  

Tonight though you can have a peek at the graduation cards I've made for them both and maybe you can figure out what they will be wearing tomorrow.   The scrolls on each of the cards have some words of what I hope are wisdom for each of them as they move on to this next step in life.

"Please enter your pin" pincushion

Last week I was looking for some needlework ideas to share with you and came across this...isn't it cute!

I did find these to share with you though.

Two very lovely cross stitch patterns from DMC's archives and better still, the charts are available here and free to boot!  If you're in need of the floss, then drop into the store we have a full compliment of DMC colours.

On Saturday one of our customers was asking me about the "sandwich" to use when cutting with Nestabilities dies on the Cuttlebug.  I diligently wrote it all down for her on a card so that she could keep it as a reference, then forgot to give it to her!  

So Fay this is for you, I've made a visual reminder of the "sandwich" layers..  The "recipe" for cutting and embossing on your Cuttlebug machine. 

If you left click on the image it will bring it up larger, the right click, copy and paste it where you want to print it or save it.

I was just wondering, were you one of the early birds that picked up their free Scrapbooking and Cards Today magazine?  I handed out lots of them on Saturday, so hopefully you won't be disappointed and miss out on this full and inspiring issue.  All you have to do is drop into the store, spend $20.00 and you'll receive this great magazine.

Until Later...Happy Crafting



  1. Too bad I made my purchases on Monday just before the free offer for the Scrapbook & Cards magazine! I especially liked your graphic illustration for the Cuttlebug sandwich - easy visualization. Beautifull Grad cards... Lynda B.

  2. Thanks for your kind words Lynda. Grad ceremonies tonight were awesome with both of them coming home with awards! Great job on their part.

    Unfortunately we don't get the magazines shipped into the store until the day before we are allowed by contract to release them.

    You can look at and even download the magazine yourself though by going here http://www.scrapbookandcards.com/summer-2013

    Happy reading, it's well worth a read even if you don't download it.


  3. Thanks for the link, Lilian. It is not quite the same as having the hard copy in my hands, but very convenient to take along! In an earlier blog you gave the link for Colour Palettes. This is another excellent site. I hope others are using the many sites you have found.... Lynda B.

  4. Pleased to have been of help to you Lynda. Many people do drop into the store and make mention of a site or two they have looked at through the blog. You are one of the encouragers making a comment on the blog that lets me know someone out there is reading what I write. I appreciate that you take the time...thank you.