Tuesday, June 18, 2013

So Many Creative People Around Us.

When there is so much instant entertainment and gratification, it's refreshing to have the opportunity to see and hear from the creative people in our community.

I had someone in the store on Saturday who was so very excited because she's going to be a grandmother for the first time. Although for me it was 22 years ago that we were blessed with our first grandchild, I could still remember that feeling of excitement.  

This soon to be (September) grandma was telling me that they were not going to know if it's a boy or girl and that she wants to make some outfits for the baby.  

She was starting with the purchase of some felt in order to make some little booties for the baby, I think something like these on the left. You can find the tutorial here, along with some other great ideas.

If you want to get fancier and are able to design your own pattern, how about these that I found on Flickr for that little girl in your life?  
A simple enough design and yet dressed up with some lovely ribbon embroidery.

I found a tutorial for you here for these booties also. What generous sharing people there are in the blogging world.  Using this pattern as a jumping off spot, your imagination could run wild on how to "dress it up" couldn't it.  Did I inspire you to have fun?

Did you see (get the email) of the extra blog on Saturday?  We had such response to our All Day Card Class with a waiting list by Thursday,   that we have opened another class.  See Saturday's blog below for more details.  

This is definitely a reason to sign up to receive our blogs in your inbox, because by early Monday morning there were already five people signed into this class that I know of and I wasn't at the store today!

It's really easy to know when I've blogged.  All you have to do is sign up to follow by emails.  It's on the right hand side of the blog that you're likely reading now just, below the fourth green subtitle.  Type your email in there and each time I blog, you will receive notification in your inbox....easy peasy and you're ahead of any newsletter recipients.

I was looking through some of my scrapbook files today and came upon this one that Linda made at one of our Mega Crop Weekends and which I was supposed to have scanned...oops. Done now, but still has to have some journaling added, which now I'm returning it to Linda she'll be able to complete.  

The reason I mention it though is because it caught my eye with the mix of card stock, scrapbook paper and stamping coming together to make a lovely layout don't you think?  Do you stamp in your scrapbook layouts?  It does add another dimension to the page.

Speaking of scrapbook pages...what do you think?  Won't she be a lovely focal point for any page?

What a joy it was to sit through three hours of dance on Saturday evening. Yes you read that right, a joy!  An amazing coming together of talented young people and more than that even, the talented, giving, sharing, caring teachers they have the opportunity to study under.

Miss Maria...how she came up with the idea to teach her five classes of students all of whom are at different skill levels and put them together onstage as one, I just can't imagine.  
That was 59 ballerinas of different ages and maturity, slipping on and off stage numerous times and then finally all coming together in perfect timing as one, onstage, at the end of their performance.    
The piece was called Orchestra, so of course there were many different instruments being interpreted in ballet, as well as a harp flitting in and out.   
Our Emily was one of the flutes, the instrument she actually plays with such finesse too, great casting...LOL.

Amazing show, amazing young people...great evening of entertainment.  If ever you have the opportunity to partake of this, you should.  They have put on three performances and there are two more next weekend, all sold out performances.  It's fast moving, only long due to the amount of talent.   That said, every item is so unique and different that it reminded me of  a scrapbook album and the anticipation of the next page/item.  I'm looking forward to seeing Emily's scrapbook page sometime in the future.

Until Later ....Happy Crafting


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