Monday, May 27, 2013

How are the Black Flies in Your Area?

I've been spending a good bit of time in the garden the past few days creating a new garden bed and the flies have been all around, but thankfully not biting.  Pretty much done now thank goodness because it's much harder work creating the bed, than making the decision to have one!

We had a lovely family dinner last night with the two exchange students who are here from Quebec.  Can you imagine eleven people all talking at once and for two of them English is their second language!  Wow, I was impressed with how much they actually understood even though at times they struggled for the English rather than French word. Jonathan's twin has quite the sense of humor and enjoyed giving Linda a bit of a hard time over her strawberry and rhubarb pie.
Can you picture their arrival at Monck School Sunday night.  Two classes as well as parents from Bracebridge outside the school holding a huge welcome banner as the bus from Quebec arrived with the "twinned" students and chaperons.  I think Linda told me there were about 100 students in total.  What a week this will be for them and such a lovely culmination to the french immersion program for our Bracebridge students. to crafting.  What have you been doing lately?  My dear sister in law Diane has recently learned from her crafty friend along the street how to Zentangle.  Have you done that?  It's really just a fancy name for doodling, but you can create some beautiful work with it.  Here's Diane's first attempt at Zentangling. As you can see from her sample on the right, you divide a shape into smaller spaces and then fill those spaces in with a variety of different doodling designs.  

Diane found it quite relaxing.  However when we created a Zentangle card in a card class back in 2011 some of the ladies were quite intimidated by the style.  It's sometimes hard to relax and let go as you just doodle.  

With this card on the left, we doodled a shape that was divided into seven smaller spaces and then cut the finished piece using a Spellbinder Circle die to create a large circle that we matted on black.  My pen of choice for this work is the Micron fine tip pen.

Why don't you give it a try either using these samples as a jumping off point, or Google a Zentangle search using images.  There are so many ideas out there to get you started.  Would love to see what you create too.

Are  you a paper crafter that wonders about the electronic die cutting machines?

We are often asked which is the best machine on the market to purchase.   We lean toward the Silhouette Cameo or Portrait that we sell in the store for a number of reasons, not the least is that you don't have to purchase expensive cartridges to cut your shape. 

I was interested recently to stumble across this blog here where 47 crafters posted their views on the Silhouette versus the Cricut.   

If you are considering a purchase this is a must read post and then drop into the store to arrange a demonstration of the Silhouette Cameo, because yes, that was hands down the most popular choice.

Are you a jewelry maker that yearns to make something a little different?  How about making a wire bead.

I came upon this lovely piece recently and was quite taken by how unique the wire bead hanging from the ring was and how easy it was to make.  
Natalie, the Australian blogger, has written a very easy to understand tutorial that will have you making many of these beads.  You will find her tutorial here

Well hopefully I've inspired you to try a craft or two, or just perhaps tickled your interest in looking into one. Which ever it is, never say "I'm bored".  There are so many crafts available to us those words should never pass our lips.  
Certainly Linda was somewhat taken aback today when she was in the store after a weekend off for dance competitions with her girlies (more high awards for their dance studio...way to go Meagan and Tammy for the way you inspire these young dancers to reach such heights).  

I digress though.  I was going to tell you how taken aback Linda was to find all the needlework pillowcases and dresser scarves sold!  
We have a needle artist in Alberta who is unable to purchase these around her area, so periodically her niece, who lives locally, comes into the store buys everything we have in stock then sends a care package to her aunt.  
So if embroidery is your craft of choice, we are placing an order today to refill that empty wall space as quickly as we can.

Until later...Happy Crafting


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