Monday, July 1, 2013

Are You Ready?

In just a few short months it will be Christmas, have you started on your Christmas gift giving list?
No I haven't either, and of course before that we have the Fall Fair and loads of categories that you may want to enter into. 
Donna once again dropped off the booklets for both Youth and Adult categories, so don't be shy, she's more than willing to bring extras into the store for us, pick up your copy and get started in lots of time.

Well last Tuesday we enjoyed a great evening at the school when both Jonathan and Rachel graduated.  (Did you guess from the cards I posted last blog what they were wearing?).

With something like sixty young people graduating and an evening cruise planned for them, the administration were well organised.  

Both Rachel and Jonathan had set themselves goals at the beginning of the year.   They both wanted to be on the Principals Honor Roll and Rachel wanted to win the music award.  How exciting it was for both of them, and of course their families, when they found they had achieved their goals.

Once again Linda's outdone herself with the lovely grad cards she made for both Rachel and Jonathan.
Notice how she took the Peel Off Greeting sticker, coloured it black with her Identipen and on Rachel's card eased it around the Spellbinder oval mat.
And how about those lovely big "googly" eyes, don't they just put the finishing touch on Jonathan's wise old owl card!

Did you love the teacher gifts that Linda, Rachel and Emily made for their teachers this year?  (Posted in the newsletter)
Some were quick and easy gifts, but I really liked the canvas word art boards they made for one of the french teachers and the music teacher.  I'll leave you to figure out which board was for which teacher.

I saw another great idea for word art using plain old crafting popsicle sticks on stretch canvas.  You could use canvas board, or even a wooden board to do this as well.
These are the basic steps.
Starting with some popsicle sticks and canvas cut the popsicle sticks to different lengths and arrange them into a pattern that you like.  Something like hardwood flooring.
Stain the sticks either by using a thinned paint, or as this blogger did, a tea bag stain.

Paint the canvas in a brown, or other dark colour so that any gaps won't show through as being white.
Glue the popsicle sticks onto the canvas in your predesigned pattern.
Now your ready for your word art.  If you're the lucky owner of a Silhouette digital cutter, then you could make your own stencil and paint your word art onto your popsicle stick canvas.
The finishing touch was to hot glue jute around the edge of the stretch canvas to give it a lovely nautical look.
Hop on over to Pitter & Glink's blog to see more directions and the finished look.

How about this for a neat embellishment
on a scrapbook page.  

strip flowerOften after I punch out a flower, I think....hmmm, that's a bit ho-hum, now what can I do to dress it up a little.  

I came across this idea on a blog that I thought really dressed up a plain punched flower.
By simply cutting strips, folding them over and topping off the flower centre with another punched flower, ho-hum became interesting.  
Make sure you put a dimensional dot in the fold of the strip flower to prevent it from collapsing.  Hop on over to the blog to see how the embellishment was used on a scrapbook page.

And to leave you crafter's tonight, here are some inspirational words to keep in your mind if you feel the need to justify the time you spend crafting.

We all know that women as carers in some form or another need to look after themselves to be able to look after others.

Until Later....Happy Crafting


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