Monday, November 5, 2012

Were You One of the People Who Didn't Get the Newsletter?

Linda was.  Can you imagine creating a newsletter and then not getting it delivered into your mailbox!  That's what happened to Linda and about 100 other people too last week, even though Linda sent it out twice. 
Apparently our Newsletter provider (a huge company) is having some issues and is now working with Microsoft to try and figure out what's gone wrong. In the meantime, the Newsletter continues to be published and we can send it to you independently if you let us know you didn't receive it. 
Hopefully you have subscribed to the Blog and receive notice when I blog, so we can still reach you outside of the Newsletter.  You can do that by looking on the right side of the blog where it says......

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If you put your email in there, then each time I blog you'll receive notice in your inbox.

I have a few things to share with you tonight.  First I want to show you the beautiful page that won the prize at our Mega Crop in the embellishment challenge.  In this challenge the scrappers had to use a number of different elements that we decided on, plus they had to add a few more from a list that we provided.  All these elements were covered in the "Make and Takes" they had the opportunity to pariticipate in. 
The winner of this prize was Birgit and she has been away on vacation, so I have waited until she returned before I posted it.
What a great page she created using many of the techniques she learned.  Among them were the hand made flowersclear rhinestones which she coloured to match her page and the flowers she made as well as the twisted cord for the horses tack.  I like the way she took half circles to create a border at the top as well.  A lovely page....mind I think her subject matter was a great starting point too.  We've watched Sydney as she's learned among other things to ski, skate and now ride a horse.

I still  have one more page to share with you that I will at a later date.  That's the open challenge winner, so keep watching.

Our Christmas Classes are almost full, so did you get registered in time?  Call or drop into the store if you are still hoping to attend.  You can see the listing of classes here
We will be busy making a Countdown Calendar this Thursday and I understand there are three spots left in this class.  It's a fun way of counting down the days until Christmas and can be given to an adult just as easily as a child.
The Perpetual Calendar class is full and overflowing so that will keep us on our toes.  However we are usually teaching three or more projects, so this one project should be a walk in the park??? 
The Gift Classes will have different projects in each of them, so don't make the mistake of thinking they are duplicate classes.  Great classes to take for making those little gifts to give to someone who has made a difference by their kindness to you.

I've got a few photos of Linda's two girlies in their Hallowe'en costumes.  Do you recall I told  you here how we were making parts of each of their costumes?  For Rachel, she sewed up her tunic and I made the shoe covers for her from some material she purchased from Value Village.  Linda made the "paper clips" from coloured electrical cord, the "needle" from a dowel painted and the eye cut by Randy.  Pretty neat don't you think?
Emily was just as inovative in her costume with the crown Mommy created for her again from electrical cord and some beading wire and beads.  Don't you love her sceptre made from dowel and a wooden ball knob.
They, like many of the children that came to my door, worked hard on their costumes. 
Pretty neat accessories don't you think? 

And here's another look at Emily with her crown and sceptre.

Hope you've enjoyed the creativity from both Birgit and Linda and her girlies.  Perhaps they have inspired you in some way to create something new.

Until later, Happy Crafting,


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