Saturday, November 3, 2012

Are you Registered?

The upcoming Christmas Classes are filling up fast with one already overloaded.  Have you registered for the ones you wanted, or did you miss out?

Here again are the dates and names of the classes that Linda put in the newsletter this past The countdown Tuesday:


Thursday November 8th - Countdown Pocket Calendar

Thursday November 15th - Perpetual Calendar

Thursday November 22nd - Hostess, Co-Worker or Teacher Gift Class      

Thursday November 29th - Hostess, Co-Worker or Teacher Gift Class   

NOTE the Gift Classes are both a different selection of gifts.
It is NOT a repeat class.

The Countdown Pocket Calendar Class next Thursday has a couple of spots still open.  I thought I would show you a "sneek peek" at it.  
Such a fun item not only to make, but to give too.  
It doesn't have to be for a child, but if I was giving it to a child I would make it into a treasure hunt.  With little gifts hidden somewhere for them to seek out. 
Our grandchildren have always enjoyed treasure hunts at Christmas.  However, if I was giving this Countdown Calendar to an adult or "shut in", it would hold a multitude of promises for visits, shopping trips, meals or baking, or even  recipes.
So many ideas that it could hold.  So here's the "sneek peek".  This is only a very tiny portion of the Countdown Calendar, there is so much more to it than I am showing you just now.  

Did you see that I made mention of the Gift Classes both being different?  They will have 2-3 different hostess - teacher - friend - co-worker gifts in each class, so don't make the mistake of signing up for one and missing out on the other.  These little gifts will be perfect when you want to acknowledge someone for their acts of kindness to you throughout the year for example.  Linda and I have  some people in mind who are constantly kind to us that will be receiving one of them from us.

Hopefully you will call or drop into the store to secure your spot in the class/classes of your choice and won't delay and be disappointed.

Until later Happy Crafting



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