Monday, November 12, 2012

How Many Pieces in a Sheet of Cardstock?

Well as we're working away at cutting kits for the upcoming classes, that's our constant question.  Of course it depends on the kit that's being cut and the dimensions of the piece, so there has to be focus when cutting.

The samples are all made now for the remaining Christmas classes and like the ladies at the Countdown Calendar Class were, we're sure the registrants will be pleased with what they will be making in the next few weeks.  I notice Linda said in the newsletter there are a couple of spots left in the gift classes, so if you're wanting to join us for a crafty night out, with lots of laughter as well as creativity then call or email the store to secure your spot.

Would you like a little peek at one, or maybe all of the gifts?  Oops, just tried to take a photo and my battery is dead!  Charged up a bit now so here's a little peek at two projects.

 We will be making among other things a handy calendar for your purse, a lovely ornament to decorate yours or a friend's tree, and a mini seasonal wall hanging.  Just three of the quick, easy and inexpensive little gifts to share with all those people in your life that you may like to remember at Christmas.

I know we've told you how well the Christmas Card Classes went, but did we mention how many men were involved with choosing which one was going to be duplicated and sent out from their home this year?   We've never had so much input from the men after they've seen them as we did this year.  One gentleman chose which one his daughter (with some prompting from her) would make for to send out to his business clients.  She got right on the job and has them all ready to mail now.  Another husband liked the Winter House card, but was telling me when he was in the store with his wife that he could see it with a red background.   I passed this idea on to another lady who had taken the class and she thought it was a great suggestion too, so here's what she created.

  So Lynda please let George know how his colour suggestion motivated Pauline to create this lovely card.


Here's how it started for the card class.  The red certainly took it from being a winter card to a warm Christmas card, especially with the sentiment stamped at the bottom. 

I must go back to some more cutting.  By the way you can get twelve 2" x 5" pieces, or four 3" x 12" pieces, or five 7" x 3" from one sheet of 12" x 12" cardstock and eight 4 1/4" x 2 3/4" pieces from an 8 1/2 " x 11" piece of cardstock.  Don't you love the useless information that clutters our minds on a daily basis!

Until later, Happy Crafting,


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