Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Have you Donated?

It's such an easy process and one that gives each of us the opportunity to help others in our community.  Kraft Food for Families has chosen our Food Bank as one of 100 Canadian Food Banks to have the opportunity to receive donations from them. 
All we have to do is go online each day type in your name and email and as easy as that we have made a donation of fifty cents.  Oh I know, that doesn't sound much, but when I made my donation tonight I think the number was at 1265 donations for our food bank (I'll look more closely tomorrow night).  That's $632.50, or $90.00 per day since the announcement on November 12th.  At press time of November 16th, the Weekender was reporting that $300.00 had been amassed, so you can see it's growing. 
At this rate Kraft could conceivably donate $4500.00 to our food bank, or even more if we all talk it up.  You don't have to belong to the community to participate, so all our long distance customers and friends, if your food bank isn't on the list, you could help us out too.  If your food bank is on the list, then you can begin making a donation to your community too.  Don't be shy, let this simple random act of kindness help someone else. 
Thank you to Tammy for bringing this to our attention.

We had a super class last week as we once again made our yearly calendar.  We try for a different style each year and this year we chose a Perpetual Calendar that was a bound flip calendar.  That meant the ladies got to play with the Bind it All machine to punch the holes through their flip pieces as well as to bind them all together.  We weren't sure with it being such a busy class that everyone would get the binding done, but in their traditional style the ladies got their heads down and through all the fun, chatter and laughter, got the job done.  Here's what they created, though of course they didn't want my photos in their calendar so they have the opportunity to select 19 small photos of their own to insert.

We're looking forward to a fun class on Thursday and I noticed Linda said there was just one space left, is it yours?  I'm sure the ladies will love what they are creating this week and such quick, inexpensive little gifts that can be freely given to others without being concerned about cost.  Did you see the sneek peek here?  Just scroll down a little to peek at two of the gifts from two different classes.  I'm almost finished cutting for both of these classes, then I can breathe again.  I don't think I've taken a breath since before our vacation...I'm turning blue from lack of breath.

We had a great family dinner again last Sunday.  We are each responsible for one portion of the meal, meat, vegetables or dessert.  We often try out new recipes for these meals and Linda was on for meat this week and treated us to this recipe.  You have to scroll down about two thirds of the page to find this, it's called Cheesy Chicken and Stuffing.  Try it out, it was really delicious. 
 Linda doubled the stuffing because everyone loves it, but it was a half hour cooking time meal!  Thanks to Sandra, we had roasted mini potatoes, mashed turnip, green beans with slivered almonds and buttered carrots too....delicious!  I was on dessert, but I have to say I wimped out this week by taking two frozen cakes, layering them on top of one another and icing around them. I topped it off with a grated chocolate bar.  We were celebrating Linda and Randy's birthdays this past week so can you imagine how many candles there were on the top of the cake!  I'll have to see if Linda will share with  you some of the cards they received. 

Have you heard about the Monck School Band fundraiser?   I don't have all the details clearly and so that I don't misinform you, I will check with Linda (Rachel and Jonathan) are both in the band, .  If you like pizza though, do they have a deal for you as well as helping themselves.  This could be a random act of kindness where you are not only the giver but the recipient too.....LOL!

We have many customers who have become friends along the way and we miss them when we don't see them in the store, particularly when we know they are waging war against personal health issues.  That is the case with at least one who was in the store on Saturday when we weren't.  We missed seeing Becky on Saturday, but in her own inimitable way she took time to write us a note to say that she had won a battle and though she was heading into another she was hoping to see us in the new year.  We were so happy to read that little note and want you to know Becky how often you are in our thoughts and your name is on our lips.  Best wishes from us both as you face the next battle, you have no idea how you inspire us.
We often have commented about the fact that we don't know as a customer comes through the door what challenges they are facing. We hopefully are sensitive to their feelings and can give them some encouragement if they choose to share with us. 

Well check back later this week and l should have the info on the Band Fundraiser and can also share the photos from the first gift class with you.

Until later, Happy Crafting



  1. Thanks for the recipe link to the chicken meal, I've printed it out along with the Slow Cooker BBQ chicken recipe which sounded yummy, quick and easy too. Both will leave plenty of time for crafting! My ideal kind of recipes

    I thought the perpetual calendar looked fantastic. Obviously that was a class well worth attending using many techniques. Wish I could have made it (as in "made it to the class").

    I am curious how Linda and Lilian keep the ideas flowing and the fingers creating so admirably. I know where I get my inspiration from !!!

    PS. I was able to register with Kraft foods for families from the UK.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Di. Also for taking time to register with Kraft. We can all make a difference if we take a little time out of our lives to give to others.