Tuesday, July 17, 2012

WANTED - Creative Card Makers

We are looking for some creative card makers to participate in a card swap.   Is that you?

What is a card swap you ask.  That is where you sign up to the card swap to make one style of card for however many people register.  Clear as mud you say...........hmm..........okay six people register, that means you design and make six of the same style card.  Bring them into the store by a pre-determined date and one week later you can pick up a pack of six cards, one card from each of the registrants for you to take home and use. Ten people register, you make ten of your card design and you go home with one card from each registrant and so on. 
Having committed you will be expected to follow through so as not to disappoint the other registrants.  Without your follow through, they would have to go home with more than one of their own cards.

What's in it for you?  You get one of your own cards back of course, but also you will receive 5-9 cards (or more) that others have made and which will be like an inspirational lesson, perhaps showing you a technique you didn't know of.  Also you don't have to mail them anywhere, so no cost to you there.

There will be some simple guide lines to follow, which may change each month.  Always remember too, that if you agree to participate you need to make sure that the card you design and give away would be one that you would be thrilled to receive!  Always strive for it to be your best work.

The guide lines for this month are simple
-There will be three standard sizes for you to choose from.  They are: 
4 1/4 x 5 1/2  or  5 3/4 square,  or  4 1/2 x 6.  
These will then fit standard envelopes allowing the recipient to be able to mail them.
-There must be a minimum of two layers to the card.  That is a card base and at least one layer on the front.
-There must be at least one thing used on the card that has been purchased at the Craft Nook.  That could be the stamp, paper, embellishment etc.

Now how do you register? 
At the bottom of this blog entry you will see a comment box.  Enter your first name and the initial of your last name ( for me that would be Lilian C ) then send an email to the store here to confirm entry.   There are a number of options to use in the comment box, but the easiest is if you comment as "anonymous"   please make sure however, that you put your name as I indicated in the comment so we know who you are.  
If you are the first registrant please put the number one beside your name.  The second registrant, the number two, so that everyone can see at a glance how many are registered.
Registration is required by July 28th. 
Cards to be in the store by August 18th for pick up August 25th.

Next, Linda mentioned in the newsletter that there would be something else of interest in the blog this week.  

We will be offering one item each week at a ridiculously low price.  We will be calling it the Thrifty Thursday Special.  You will have to ask for the special price at the till when you present the item to let us know that you've seen it in the blog, as the item will not indicate the special price on the sticker.  This special will run from Thursday of the week that it goes into the blog until the following Monday, so you won't want to delay in picking it up each week.  It will go into the blog on the Tuesday, but not be valid until the Thursday of that week.  Don't ask for it before the Thursday as it won't be on special then.

This week's special is for the paper crafters, whether you are a card maker or scrapbooker, this one's for you.  Perfect timing if you are thinking of signing up for the card swap in fact.
Here it is.  Made by SandyLion the pack of stickers has eight different flowers in it.  We recently used this pack for a card class, but altered the flowers slightly to suit our card.

The regular price on this item is $2.39.  For the Thrifty Thursday Special, you can buy it for just $1.19, that's a 50% savings, so don't delay there are limited number and no rain checks.  Remember the Thrifty Thursday Special is valid from this coming Thursday until Monday of next week. 
Also remember to ask for the
Thrifty Thursday Special to receive the special pricing.

Here's the card we used this pack of flowers on. 

Notice how we backed one of the flowers with a larger stamped flower.

Well there was a lot to read and take in in the blog today.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call or email us for clarification.   Between the Blog and the Newsletter there are many different dates, so make sure you mark them down on your calendar, daytimer or if you're lucky enough to have a phone that will hold that information, then in the phone.

Card Swap - July 28th registration - in store for August 18th.  Distribution August 25th
Garage Sale - August 11th pre-registration required
Thrifty Thursday Special - every week from Thursday to following Monday

On top of that are the ongoing Card Technique Classes, Friday Night Crop and Craft and the upcoming soon to open for registration Christmas Card Day dates.

Don't forget to pop back later in the week to see the bracelet and tie dying.

Until later - Happy Crafting


  1. Welcome on board Ladies. Look forward to playing with you. The next registrant will be #4.

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Tracy,
      Can you please send an email to the store to confirm. We're pretty sure we know who you are, but an email with your last name would be great. Here's the email address linda@scrapbookingncrafts.com

  3. Happy to have you ladies to play with us too...looking forward to seeing some lovely inspirational cards from everyone. One more day to end of registration