Sunday, July 22, 2012

Some Promised Jewellery Pieces

I had mentioned that I'd post some of the jewellery that Linda and her girls have been busy making.  They've just finished another one, but I don't have photos for that yet, so will share those with you later.

The first piece is a simple crochet bracelet made from T-Shirt material and light changing beads.  When these beads go out into the daylight they go from white to many different colours.  Being made with T-Shirt material they are easily washable too.

Here's the before
and the after.

Can you see the difference?  The beads went from white to pink.   Children love these as much as they love the glow in the dark gimp.

Linda made a lovely necklace with a donut bead, some chain and waxed cotton cord

I mentioned that I had made a gift for my sister and niece, but couldn't show you at the time as they were still in the mail.  I had a lovely phone call from my sister early this week when she opened her mail to find the two fun necklaces I had made for them to wear when they attend the Olympics next week.
Made from split rings, jump rings, chain and floss, I made them as I travelled last week to enjoy our fun day at Collingwood.
I had forgotten to take a photo as I was anxious to get them in the mail to my sister, but she kindly took and sent these photos to me so that I could share them with you.

 I thought you may enjoy this photo of my nephew and one of his team mates.  The long and the short of it (no pun intended) is that there is a huge difference between the coxswain in a boat and a rower.  Here's Brian with Conlin McCabe who comes from Brockville Ontario.  Brian is from Ameliasburg (near Belleville) Ontario.  Brian is about 5'0", Conlin is 6'8".  As I said, the long and the short of it is, that a coxswain and rower are built differently!

Have you looked on the Flickr site at last weeks card class?  The ladies really enjoyed the cards we made that night.   Here's one of their favourites, but click here to see the other two they made also.

Last but not least, we have five registrants for the card swap, but it was brought to my attention by one person that they were concerned they would have time to make enough cards if there was a large registration.  The MOST you will make will be ten.   If it goes beyond that number, for example to eleven or twelve, I will divide them into two groups so you will then only have to make five or six cards.  Hopefully that will alleviate any concerns you may have and you'll want to register.  If you do want to, then scroll down to the July 17th posting, add the next number and your first name and last name initial to the list.  Don't forget to send a confirmation email to the store as well with your last name in the email.  Here's the email address.
Look forward to seeing more of you fabulous cardmakers registering.  There's lots of time to get them made, check the dates on the July 17th posting for registration and submission.

Until later....Happy Crafting



  1. Thank you for the whimsical necklace. You will be with me as we watch and WIN at the Olympic Games on July 28 / 30 and Aug 1. Don't forget to cheer loud!! Better go and finish my packing....

  2. Nice to see you joining us on the blog Evelyn. Don't forget to put your name in the message part so that everyone knows who it is. Maybe when you're in England you'll be able to find a moment or two to keep everyone updated, but above all cheer loud for all of us here in Canada.