Thursday, July 12, 2012

Finally Done!

I can't believe how fast the days go by, but I'm finally done putting away all the supplies from Saturday's All Day Card Class....phew!

If you click here you can see the ten cards and three gift tags the ladies created.  By clicking on each display board, you will get a larger view of them too.

It was a busy day of creativity, learning and laughter.   For some who hadn't cardmade for a long time, it was a happy way of jumping back into it.  For those that hadn't cardmade at all in the past it scratched  their interest making them want to sign up for the Christmas Card Making Day,   (I can see that being a rush to register.)

I have some more photos to share with you later of sewing that Emily's been busy doing.  Her Mommy has another craft in mind for her too. 

Rachel has begun to sew her Christmas gifts, so can't show you photos of those unfortunately, that would spoil the surprise for someone.   I  have been making a gift for my sister and niece, but am just dropping them in the mail tomorrow, so can't show you those just yet, but soon. 

Here's something I can share with you though.  The countdown is definitely on now for the Olympics in Great Britain.  A customer was telling me just yesterday that they had seen one of Brian's interviews on a recent news program.  Such a challenge for our family there as they are torn between cheering England on, and rooting for our nephew Brian as he's the coxswain on the mens eight rowing team for Canada. 

My heart went out to the Canadian hurdlers who didn't quite make it to the Olympic team. 

To have trained so hard for so long and miss by mere split seconds can only be said to be heartbreaking, but from the one interview I listened to with Priscilla Lopes-Schliep (on the right above) I was highly impressed by her upbeat attitude and the way she has continued to compete since then as well.  She and her family have given so much in the past year in her efforts to represent Canada and to have that dream disappear in mere seconds must have been hard to get her mind wrapped around.

We have to remember as these athletes train in preparation for their events, family members are often at home holding down the fort and keeping the homefront running.   For my nephew Brian, his wife Robbi juggles the care of two beautiful little girls, Breanna and Peyton, their home and her own business as well.  Having made the decision to compete in these events, Brian and Robbi had to relocate to Vancouver where all the rowing training happens, and therefore Robbi can't call on family to help her manage.   Kudos to all the people in the wings that quietly support and enable our athletes to go on to the Olympics to represent Canada.
Newcomers Gabe Bergen, Jerry Brown, Will Crothers, Doug Csima, Robert Gibson and Conlin McCabe have combined with returnees Malcolm Howard, Andrew Byrnes and coxswain Brian Price to bring the defending Beijing Olympic champion Canadian men’s eight back into medal contention

I changed my mind.  As the blog writer I can do that....LOL!

I decided to show you Emily's recent sewing project.   She began with a felt kit from our store which had the pieces already cut with the floss and needle included.  Emily got busy sewing all the embellishments onto the face and was finished in a snap giving her kitty some character.   A little reminder instruction was required from Gamma to recall how to do the blanket stitch to join the back to the front, but settled comfortably in her bed, she had that step done in no time too.
And here's her finished project stuffed and complete..isn't it cute.   I think that the eyes may be further embellished in the future to have them as googlie eyes.  Another great job Emily...well done!

Well I hope you've been inspired once more not only to keep your hands busily crafting in some way, but by the dedication and the dreams of our Canadian Olympians.  How boring life would be with nothing to do or nothing to set our hopes and dreams upon.

Until later...happy crafting,



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