Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hoping all our American Friends had a Happy Fourth of July!

We watched the Boston Pops and the terrific fireworks show they had to offer.  There were a number of phone calls placed by my dear husband as he made sure that all the musical ones in the family knew which channel to turn to.  I think girlies were allowed to stay up a little later to watch the magnificent Boston Pops and the show too. 

I have a real treat coming for you later this week, but not right now.  Linda's girlies made a tutorial to show you the craft they worked on yesterday.  It's a bit photo heavy, but so very worthwhile to see

I'm just going to show you now the promised cards that Linda and I made for Rachel's birthday last Sunday, also the wedding card and gift tag Linda made for her niece recently.
This is the wedding card front and inside that Linda made for Kate.  What you can't see is there is another verse on the inside flap facing the back of the card.  Truly a stunning wedding card don't you agree?
And here we see the gift tag.  We like to make our gift wrapping special so as to be part of the gift, so tend to take extra effort on the appearance of the wrapping too.

 Here you see  the front of the card I made Rachel.  As it was her 13th birthday I wanted the "Wish Big" to be the focal part of her card,  the Spellbinder square cut-out  draws your eye to those words.
She was quite surprised when she opened the card to find all the maple leaves and stars popped right up.  When the card is laid open, they continue to stand upright.

 And now the lovely card Linda made for Rachel.  Don't you love those Sarah Kay stamps!  Linda does such a lovely job of colouring, something I hate to do.  She always does the colouring for any cards that I make for classes when needed.     Linda had a really nice verse inside the card that encouraged Rachel to take time to enjoy her youth and not rush into adulthood. 

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Don't forget that if you're waiting for any supplies for Saturday's card class, they will be in on Friday.   We're looking forward to a great day on Saturday with some happy cardmakers in an air conditioned room at the Independent Grocers making more than 220 cards in five hours.

Happy Crafting until next time...



  1. So happy to see more postings. I and I'm sure others look forward to reading them. Your daughters and granddaughters must cherish the cards you have made them over the years. They are certainly one of a kind.... Lynda

  2. It's always interesting to watch the grandchildren/children open their cards. As accomplished crafters themselves, they always look carefully to see how the cards are made.
    Watch for posting of their creativity coming soon Lynda.