Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Crayon Painting Tutorial

Well as I promised here is the tutorial that Rachel and Emily made to show you just what you can do with a stretch canvas, some crayons and a design of your choice.

The first step was for each of them to choose an image they liked.  A quick search on Google images and Rachel had a fairy sheltering from the rain under a sunflower and Emily found a mermaid sitting on a large rock.  Each design was printed out onto computer paper.

The next step was to create their own transfer.  This was done by making a graphite transfer, scribbling with a pencil on the reverse side of the print over the lines they wanted to transfer.  With the design up to the window, the light made it easier to follow the design.

Step three was to then transfer those graphite lines onto the canvas which we see Emily engaged in doing here.

  And here it is when Rachel had hers completely transferred onto the canvas.

They had already chosen the colours of crayons they wanted to enhance their designs.  Rachel with a variety of blues for the rain.  Emily with purples, mauves and pinks for the coral. 
The next step was to peel the paper off all those crayons.

It was time now to glue their crayons onto the canvas.  This was accomplished with some Scotch quick dry glue and a little patience.  Do you see how their designs go in different directions on the canvas.

Now the fun began with the hair dryer heating and melting the crayons to create the effect of rain and coral.  It meant that they had to be alert to the way the crayons were melting and running down the canvas in order to create the effect they wanted and not run onto their designs either.

The artwork is almost complete now.  All that remains to be done is filling in the design with Permapaque pen in the larger areas and Identipen in the finer areas to give the look of a silhouette.  There were a number of steps to this craft, but taken one by one Rachel and Emily were able to produce some artwork they were very proud of.
Here are the finished results.
                  Rain                                                                                  Coral

Aren't they lovely!

If you have children who are bored this summer, this is an excellent craft for to keep their hands busy and one which they will be proud to hang up when it's complete.

Thank you to Rachel and Emily for this great photo tutorial and sharing their talent with us.

Watch for the sharing of more ideas soon.

Until later, happy crafting


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