Saturday, August 13, 2011

Still Waiting on Confirmation of Dates for Christmas Card Class

I had hoped to tell you the dates were confirmed, but due to holidays and the person that I have to talk to being away I can't confirm until Monday.  Hopefully I can blog the dates then.

In the meantime I came upon this that I thought may be of interest to some of you.  Not to me, because my least favourite room in the house is my kitchen!  However of nescessity I have to spend some time there.  Perhaps you could print them out and incorporate them as a hostess gift in the upcoming Christmas season.  I'll see if I can find anything else as hostess gifts. 

Also this week I've had some customers in that have asked for help with their knitting projects.  One, a Grandma, hadn't knitted in years and wanted to teach her granddaughters, so we did a quick refresher lesson.   Another today was needing some help on sewing up seams.  Here's a useful site for the beginner knitter.  You'll probably have to sign up to the site, but like the book you can download, it's free to sign up.

Anyone who's signed up to the Basic Grey program, it came in late yesterday afternoon and I sorted it today.  You will be getting your email from Linda to tell you that it's ready for pickup now.  Some nice winter papers and embellishments this time.

Linda mentioned in last week's newsletter that we had confirmed the dates for the Mega Crop Weekend.  Have you cleared those dates, because we will be starting registration soon and have had a number of out of towners interested in participating.   Space is limited so make sure you aren't disappointed.

Only one Silhouette still available now with the Home Decor CD special, don't delay if you are thinking you'd like one.

Hmmm, no photos to post this time, but did you look at the cards from last Thursday's class?  They're here, and anyone that didn't take the class but has seen the punch all around the page card has really liked it.
Oh I've just noticed the date, and here's one of my quirks for you to ponder.  I often associate a date with someone or something to do with a family member, present or past.  Today was my aunt's birthday and she always maintained that contrary to popular belief, 13 was NOT an unlucky number. Given that her birthday was on the 13th and my two sisters who are twins have the 13th as their birthday, albeit a different month, I think she may have had a good point!  So there's my quirky bit of useless information to clutter up your brain cells...LOL.

Hope you enjoy your weekend, or what's left of it, despite the rain. 


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