Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lesson Learned!

Well if I hadn't figured it out before, I know it for sure now....I raised a pretty smart daughter it seems.  Before she left on vacation Linda merrily ordered product and guess when it shipped in?  You've got it ... while she's been away.  Pretty smart don't ya think?

She's been away basking in the sunshine, playing in the water and I've been slogging in the heat and dripping with perspiration....well not quite, but you get the picture.

However, with the help of my grandson Jonathan and of course our Anita, two general orders are now out on the shelves and one more of beading is underway.  So drop into the store to see the beautiful new Fall and Christmas papers, they're a treat.  Also a few new Christmas stamps are in.

The signup for the Christmas card classes are moving along nicely, so if you want to get in on the early classes, don't delay in contacting us.  Remember the early bird catches the worm.  The dates are Saturday October 15th and October 29th at Nippissing University, and November 2nd at The Independent Grocers.

Still some Basic Grey to be picked up too.

I think there's only one more spot in the Tuesday night card class if you're thinking about that, again don't delay.

I didn't forget about putting on the photo of the Blog Challenge prize that Angela won, here it is.  Keep looking for the next challenge to come your way.  I really liked how some of you stepped outside your comfort zone and created different ideas this time.  That's what the word challenge means doesn't it.

I was thinking today how fast summer is coming to a close and how soon the long winter will be upon us.  With winter of course comes all those wet boots and mittens.  Well while surfing for a while tonight, I came upon this sign and thought it would be perfect for some of our papercrafting customers to copy using their cutting machines to cut the letters.  If you don't have a Silhouette or Cricut, then we have lots of alphabet sticker for you to use.  I can't tell you where it came from unfortunately, because when I clicked on the image Explorer couldn't find the page.  So enjoy and have a chuckle.
And finally, my man's back home again.  He flew out to Winnipeg early Wednesday morning, and then by coach to Kenora where he picked up a bus that he drove back to Bracebridge. 
Now remember, I love this man, but he has to be crazy to find any pleasure in that! 
He does however get great pleasure from driving and he always comes home with a story or two. 
This time he told me about being held up on the highway for an hour and a half after an aircraft in Marathon hit a car on the highway. Thankfully Ron was about a km away and no-one was hurt.    Do I miss him when he's away.  He brings me tea in bed in the mornings and spoils me in other ways too.  Yes I miss him, but here's the picture I had on our iPad to look at each time I turned it on.



  1. Good thing I was there to "help" you unpack a few items AND "help" you work the cash register....I guess that is usually Linda's job too!?!?! LOL!!

  2. I learned that Linda does lots of jobs behind the scenes here. Not the least run the cash register. Thanks for your "help" the other day Tracey, much appreciated...LOL>

  3. I was there when the ordering was done, I seem to recall 2 people (a great mother and daughter team) were doing the ordering TOGETHER. I doubt one had the edge on the delivery date! :-)

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