Tuesday, August 16, 2011

All the Entries for the Blog Challenge.

Ain't they sweet!   I never tire of seeing the creativity of our customers.  Today I was privy to some photos of work done by a gentleman who, with his wife, owns a Silhouette.  They've even revamped their office space because they give the machine such a work out.  I've asked him if he would send some photos of his work that I could share with you, so hopefully he won't forget.   Amazing, spectacular are just some of the adjectives that come to my mind and so outside the box of what most people use their Silhouette for. 

That's enough tease for the moment though, here to titillate your senses are the blog entries all in one place.  We had an entry today, so don't miss your first look at that one also.  It was from Madison. 

Here again is the Home Decor sample that I made.

1.Diane                                                                  2.  Lisa                                                              


3. Lisa                                                                          4.  Angela        

 5.  Lisa                                                                6. Christine

7. Bernice                                                                                 8. Bev 
9.  Madison                                                                       10.  Tammy
And the Winner is.........................

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HEY....it's Angela!!!

Congratulations Angela.  Drop into the store to pick up your prize.
I'll post a photo of the prize in the next day or two.
Once again thank you to everyone
for playing along and sharing the fun with us. 
It only works when you participate.


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