Tuesday, June 10, 2014

What A Beautiful Day For A Wedding!

We couldn't have asked for better weather had we been able to order it up, and we did enjoy it so much.
I won't bore you with multi photos, but will show you just a few. 


You can see how Sandra's peacock colour scheme came together really well with the mix and match colours of the ladies ensembles along with the men's shirts.
Rachel's dress that she worked so diligently on looked lovely on her as you can see.

Brian's young grandchildren were delightful doing exactly as was hoped for with never a murmur.  

Here's a closeup of both the flower girls basket along with the ring bearer-pillow.

We had a lot of trouble finding a small basket, so it was finally made by covering and lining a strawberry basket, using plastic canvas for the handle.  

All the necklaces were made by Sandra and myself along with her own being made from Swarovski pearls and blue crystals

Here's the way we set up the hall in Milford Bay. One half being used for the dining area, the other for the ceremony.  
To lessen the impact of the gaping hole of the stage, we cut tablecloths into strips and hung them. We tied a knot at the top of the cut strip to allow it to fall in individual strands.  
The overall effect was quite pleasing

This was the dividing table between the ceremony area and the dining area.  The small vases were then moved to the dining tables.  

The Peacocks were cut from the Silhouette in all the lovely colours and placed on the glasses at each table setting along with these cards and bracelets.
So as you can see, a lot of crafting took place before Saturday and it all came together really well.  Both Sandra and Brian were very happy with their day.

And what were you crafting at all week?  I've got started again on the scrapbook that I'm making for a gift. I'll be able to show you that soon, but not now as it's for a gift.

I found some interesting stuff on the web this week despite the busyness of the wedding preparations and going to Toronto to pick up my sister flying in from England.  She was here for the wedding and has now gone to spend her birthday on Friday with her twin sister in Belleville. 

If you like the idea of trying some Faux Stained Glass, there's a great tutorial here.  We still have a selection of Gallery Glass Paint in the store if you're leaning toward trying this craft.

And for my needle artist friends another lovely design by Lesley Teare.

She is so willing as an artist to share her talent, kudos to her.  Here's a little peek at what she's offering this week.

Here's a great idea for an end of school autograph shirt.  All you need is a shirt and your handy dandy Silhouette cutting machine to create a unique way for a child to bring home a memory of the last day of school.
They are offering a free cut file for the tee shirt in both version 2 and 3 of Silhouette files, so at the very least hop on over there and grab the file that's being offered.

Although the store will be closing at the end of the month, there's lots still going on there. A card class this coming Thursday, are you registered yet?  
I believe there's a couple of spots left and this will be the last class we will be offering at the store, so don't miss it.
Here's what we did in our last class.

Both of these cards though cut to open in different ways, featured a scored corner which we created using the envelope template on the Martha Stewart Scoreboard.

With the blue card we created our own patterned paper using a variety of background stamps.  For the greeting we stamped it multiple times to create a focal point along with the doodled flower.

The Best Wishes card is a fancy fold as you can see from the image where it shows it open.  A very simple but effective fancy fold.  Once again we created our own patterned paper using a large background stamp.
There are still a few available at the store at a mighty fine price if you choose to add them to your collection.

There are many many sales going on at the store right now, so don't miss out on the selection as well as the bargains. Drop in soon before it's too late.

Should you want something special that's no longer in stock then the last date to place an order will be June 16th.  These orders will have to be prepaid and should arrive into the store by June 23rd.  So make your wish list and get it in to Linda ready to be ordered.  Mine's already there!

Don't forget also that the last Friday Night Crop Night will be June 20th.  We'd love to see you there.  Give a call or email the store to be registered.

Well I think that's all for this week, but what thought can I leave you with. Have you ever thought what kind of person you are?  Are you a half full or half empty thinker?  
I tend to be a half full, mostly an optimist looking for the best in any situation, how about yourself?  
Have you ever thought about it? 

Do you need these words as a reminder that you should...........

Until Later ...Happy Crafting,


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