Tuesday, June 3, 2014

How Nice is This Weather?

We can only hope that the lovely sunshine that we're getting right now will last until next Saturday at least. Perhaps without the bugs would be nice, but we'll take whatever we get I guess.

Please note that due to the upcoming wedding, we will be closed this Saturday only, June 7th

The final preparations are happening this week and for all of you who've had a wedding in the family in the past, you know how busy it can be. Perhaps more so if you like to craft and want to make so many things yourself, but it's all good.

Which makes me ask you .....

what have you been crafting at this week?  

I've been making lots of cards which I can't show you just now, maybe next week. With graduations happening or coming up soon, Elaine has been busy making some lovely graduation cards.  One for a high school graduate and one for a public school graduate, aren't they lovely.

Great use of layered colour on the card to the right, topped off with some grad caps, I'm sure it will be well received.

I loved the way Elaine used the pearl bling to look like a necklace on the card below.  And the layering at the neckline helped to make this my favourite card.

I've been selfishly thinking this week of all the time I'll have soon to do so many more of the crafts that I love. I love to sew, knit, crochet, paint, embroider, cross stitch,  make jewelry and of course paper craft in all it's forms.

It's been hard over the last ten years (yes, it's been ten years in September since we took over the Craft Nook), to make time for these things, usually only getting done what has to be done, rather than those projects I'd like to work on.

I've told many people as they've come in the store this past week that I plan to continue to blog after the store closes. Hopefully  my passion for all things crafty will rub off on at least one person.

Have you taken time this past week to come into the store and grab some of the bargains that are there to be had?

Don't leave it too long that there's not the selection of product to be had as so many folk are stocking up on the crafts that they love to make.

We had a lady from the Toronto area who was here for a few days drop in last week.   She was quite taken with the little felt purses that I made last spring and picked up a great selection of felt squares to make some.  You can  use them as card holders, bill holders or coin purses, whatever you use them for the colours of felt make each one of them quite unique

Click here for the pattern for them if you'd like to make some, I've also shared the link on the side bar under Felt Purse pattern. 

Don't forget to drop in and pick up some felt whilst the selection is good.  

You could also make a case for your phone or iPod, or even a needle case whilst you're at it. 
A great inexpensive little gift for someone too.  The pieces of felt are just .49 cents at regular price and Linda has them on sale right now at 40% off the regular price.  Great time to add to or create a stash of your own.

There are so many ideas using felt, here's another that I've shown you in the past.  A simple piece of linen, a few embroidery stitches and strips of red felt made this interesting wall hanging.

Or how about a felt pin for to embellish a jacket, sweater, hat or........well use your own imagination, it could brighten up many a garment.  
Pin backs for these flowers are still available in the store if you need to add them to your stash.

Embroidery is another passion of mine and I came across this little wall  hanging that I thought was quite lovely.  It could be incorporated into so many different items.  A bag, a quilt the front of a tee shirt, once again you are only limited by your imagination.

The needle artist has kindly shared the template for this design if you would like to pick it up here  Scroll down to nearly the bottom of the post to find the link.

We had our bi-weekly card class last Thursday and the ladies had a fine time making four cards.  How I did enjoy Sandra's enthusiasm and laughter as she made her cards
I would show you the cards, but for some reason I don't seem to have the file, so I guess you'll have to drop by next week to see them...sorry about that.

For all our Silhouette owners, there's a great tutorial here on compound paths.  
Compound paths you say...what is she talking about. Well that's the point. Click here to understand what they are and what you can do with the knowledge. 

Here's another great tutorial on how to make thicker letters if the font you chose was somewhat skinny.


Don't forget
that this week only we will be closed on Saturday June 7th as we celebrate the marriage of our daughter to her best friend.

I think that's all for this week, though I've got much more that I could share with you, so see you next week, but in the meantime........

Until Later.....Happy Crafting


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