Tuesday, June 24, 2014

It Would Seem I've Been Slacking!

It was brought to my attention that I'm missing a few cards off the Flickr site....oops!  I'll try and get them posted this week, when I figure out which one's I'm missing, sorry about that.

Today I spent some time trying to create a birthday card for Rachel's upcoming birthday.  I wanted an interactive card and I wanted it to be unusual.  Linda's girls have begun to expect Gamma to do something out of the ordinary now.

What I decided to make was a never ending card. This is a card that you start opening from the front, open four times seeing four different "pages" and return to the beginning again.  I've made one before for my brother in laws 60th birthday I think it was. 

Here's a link to show you how to create one yourself.  This is probably the easiest tutorial and she shares with you some ideas to decorate it too.  I can't show you mine yet as it's not quite complete.
A really simple card to make, but the decorating takes some time and thought, and today my creativity flew the coop...it was gone!

I meant to show you a lovely scrapbook room that one of the ladies shared with us.  She had purchased a couple of wire paper racks and showed us how nicely it fitted into her room.  How many of you would love to craft in Jennifer's room?
See how nicely her new paper racks fitted in next to her bookcase storage.

We had a lovely Friday night Crop and Craft last week.  Such a pleasure to enjoy our last one with some lovely caring ladies. We chatted, knitted, 

made some cards and scrapbook pages, a great time together.

Sharon surprised me by gifting me with this lovely wall hanging.  She told me that as she no longer sews and knew that I did, she thought I would reap more pleasure from it.  I was so thrilled to have been thought of in this way and it will find it's place in my craft room. 
Isn't it beautiful.  Made and hand quilted by a lady in Port Sydney.

We had tickets to see Linda's girls at their dance recital on Saturday night.  
Wow, what a show that was!  

So entertaining. Whether your child was in the number or not, they were all so very, very good that your attention was kept throughout the show.  

One of the "dance Dad's" went up on stage at the beginning of the show just after the teachers had given out the awards and thanked the teachers for the excellence that is attained, not only in the dancing, but the friendships that were developed and the hard work put forth by all the students.  
He reminded the audience that for the students this was like their "Superbowl," their time to shine and we needed to let them all know how well they performed. A great reminder and so very true.  Here's just two of the costumes Rachel and Emily wore for their numbers.

I intend to blog after the store is closed, but would like to be sure that you able to connect with me through the blog.  If you could take a moment and add a comment at the bottom of this posting.  Just let me know in some way that you have seen this blog, then I'll know I can connect with you later. 
I'm hoping to continue to share some inspirational blogs with you, that will feed your love for crafting as they do mine.

We were very blessed last week with some lovely cards, flowers and plants given to us by customers.  

One dear customer comes in every Tuesday, though last week she was en route to Europe, but still she came into the store in spirit when these beautiful flowers were delivered to us. 

From another customer we received this award.  How very kind she was to take time to make this for us. She made us feel special when we opened it.  Thank you Friday for the opportunity to get to know and teach you.

So many of you have wished us well and thanked us for inspiring you to create in a way you didn't know you could.  
It has been a pleasure over the years to teach you and to develop friendships through those classes.

For the opportunities you have all afforded us, we in turn thank each and every one of you. 
It has been our pleasure.

And the words to keep you going this week are these.....

We all feel so much stronger, so much more valued when a kind word or action is bestowed upon us.  
It doesn't have to take a lot of time or money to make someone happy. 

Why not set yourself a goal this week to use the power you have to make someone happy.

 Until Later....Happy Crafting

Don't forget to leave a quick comment at the bottom of this post, so that I know you are connecting with us....thank you


  1. Hi....I missed Linda's News Letter this morning but so relieved to see an new blog entry! My inspiration for the week.

    Di (Brockworth England)

  2. Always looked forward to the weekly emails, thanks for the blog spot. Love the helpful creative ideas :)
    Tara M

  3. My friends and I just found your store..so sorry that it is closing but that you are keeping your blog with all it's great information and connections. Carry on!!!

  4. Just love reading your blog Lilian, and so pleased you'll continue with it. You maybe so far away, but it makes you closer somehow. Love Gill x

  5. sad to see you leave us but we understand that life is full of changes for us all. It is fun and exciting to have new adventures ahead - good luck.

  6. Thank you Lilian for all your great ideas and especially the ones that helped me use up all my scraps of paper...
    You and Linda have really opened up my interest in scrap booking and card making..
    Thanks so much and best wishes for your next chapter..
    Evelyn Brown

  7. I will miss your store. Yes Both of you as well. Good luck with whatever you decide to do. Will try to get into the store before Saturday. Good Luck to you both.
    Lindsay Hill

  8. Good luck and best wishes to the both of you in all your future endeavours.
    Thanks Lillian for continuing with your weekly blog, it's like a letter from home.
    Will miss seeing you both and exploring all the new things in the store.
    Thanks for everything, Dianne, Midland

  9. Add me to your blog list....I might not have visited the store as often as some ladies, but when I did it was such a great shopping experience and social "hour" (so Jack says while waiting in the car!) I will miss you gals so much, and look forward to getting the weekly blog. . Thanks a whole bunch for all of your creative lessons and helpful advice. Hopefully I will see you gals around the neighbourhood. {{HUGS}} Audrey

  10. I'm not sure what I am doing, but I would like to keep reading your blog! I wish you both the very best of luck in all your new endeavors. I always knew I could stop in the store for help, which was given generously and willingly. You will be missed! Mary Denomy

  11. Very glad to hear you will continue the Blog. It is a window into what is happening in your lives and also a link to new crafting ideas for everyone! Although there may not have been comments, I know I enjoy your thoughts, suggestions and the numerous links you find and share with us. Wishing you well as you move on to new adventures... Lynda B. (Sudbury)

  12. I had the pleasure of stopping by one last time on Sat. and was so "relieved" to hear that Lillian will continue with the blog. You ladies will be missed more than you know but I know life always brings changes and that's what keeps us engaged and moving forward. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication over the years!
    Beth in Toronto

  13. So glad Lilian will be continuing to blog. You both have always been such an inspiration. Thanks to your card making classes I have a new hobby that I love and it has inspired new scrapbooking pages. ...Sharon Faulds

  14. Hi Lillian,
    Sorry I missed you yesterday, forgot you are not in on Mondays . Thanks for all the help and inspiration over the years that both of you have given me.
    Yvonne N.

  15. Having just spent two weeks with my sisters Lilian & Evelyn and their families, I know that I will miss going into the Craft Nook and just looking around at all there was in the shop ( albeit once every two/three years - it's a long journey from England to do it every week). I would like to wish Lilian a very happy retirement and to wish Linda all the best in whatever she decides to do after enjoying the summer months with the girls and Randy. All the best to you both and thank you. Christine

  16. Love the blog, and look forward to continue reading it for inspirational ideas.
    All the best!

  17. I am so glad you will be continuing the blog, Lillian. It is a great source of inspiration for me. All the best in your 'retirement'!

    Lois John

  18. I will be looking forward so much for you blogs. You have been a true inspiration to me & I will miss you a lot so please keep in touch. I wish you and Linda all the best in your retirement, you deserve it enjoy & relax.
    Love to both of you, Elaine

  19. Looking forward to more inspirational blogging.
    Brenda Laking

  20. I will miss you and Linda tremendously, as you have been a huge inspiration to me over the years. I have learned so much from both of you, and mostly I appreciate your caring & helpful attitudes! You have become very special to me, and I very much look forward to continuing to read your blogs! Thanks for all you have taught me!

  21. You have set me on quite the path. There is still so much to learn and you won't be there... but life must go on. So enjoy retirement, although you will probably be just as busy... you will simply be refocusing your energy. I will miss seeing your cheerful attitude and infectious enthusiasm. Thank you ever so much.

  22. So happy you are continuing your blog, Lilian. I traveled to your shop en route to Toronto from North Bay and always enjoyed my shopping experience. Everyone was so helpful and pleasant and I could always count on some new product or card or technique being available. I look forward to you informative blog.

  23. Will miss the store immensely…Thanks to you and Linda, I have done more adventurous crafting than I ever thought I would. I look forward to reading your adventures through this blog, and wish you both only good things to come.

  24. Glad to hear your sticking with the blog and will definitely enjoy your tips, tricks and encouragement!!

  25. So glad you are keeping your blog. I so enjoy reading about all that you do, the family and the tips, tricks and connections to new ideas. Enjoy your retirement!!
    judi : )

  26. So happy to hear that your blog will be continuing Lillian! At least now we all won't have to go into withdrawal cold turkey! You and Linda will both be so missed - far more than I think you realize. Will look forward to continuing to hear about your adventures and family stories. Best of everything to both of you. Many thanks for years of enjoyment and fun.
    Barb Finch
    PS. Who's going to help me coordinate my papers now???

  27. Thank you for your service with a smile...even when you had a roomful of women and had to repeat the same things numerous times!
    Best of luck!

  28. I'm sorry that you have decided to step back and close the store. When I would go to Gravenhurst to visit a friend we always HAD to go to Craft Nook for a look (and do a little retail therapy). Now he 1 1/2 hr. drive to Gravenhurst won't have that bonus. we are both crafters and loved to shop together.