Thursday, May 1, 2014

We're Ready, Are You?

National scrapbooking weekend is this weekend and as we promised, we have some sweet deals for you that we are posting by way of the blog and our Facebook page.
Remember these won't be on sale until Saturday, but you can check them out early and decide what you'd like to add to your supplies.

Do you have a guillotine yet?  They are so nice to have as they self sharpen each time you use them.  No more replacing blades or having fuzzy cuts when you own a guillotine.
We have three different brands on sale for Saturday.

The Martha Stewart Heavy-Duty Paper Trimmer lets you cut your papers quickly and accurately.
Regularly priced at $56.99 it's on sale for just $39.99 Saturday only.

The Xcut guillotine has a precise measurement grid and extendable measuring rulers. It's non slip and perfect for cutting 12 x 12 papers.
Regularly priced at $53.99, you can purchase it on Saturday for just $39.99.

Then we have the Tonic Guillotine, another good piece of equipment that will provide you with clean cuts every time.  Not a wide bed, but it has an extendable arm for cutting 12 x 12 papers and the arm stored beneath the cutter.  Regularly priced at $56.99, Saturday's price is $39.99. 

Each of these have a $15.00 - $20.00 saving after tax.  Now is the time to make that purchase if you were thinking of it.

Martha Stewart Scoreboard.  A great tool for decorative scoring, box making or envelope making. Decorative pinwheels are so easy to make when you own one of these boards.

Regularly priced at $23.69 on sale for $18.97 on Saturday only.

For all those fine embellishments that you want to glue to your page, a Xyron machine is invaluable. 
 Simply feed your embellishment into the machine, turn the handle and out comes your embellishment with glue on the back, ready to stick down 
We have the Xyron 250 machine plus the refill. 
Also the Xyron 500 refill and the Xyron 510 magnet refill for creating those lovely fridge magnets and much more from your scrapbooking papers.

The 250 machine is regularly priced at $28.79 on sale for $19.99
The 250 refill is regular price $11.99 on sale $7.99.
The 500 refill regularly priced at $16.09 on sale $9.99
The 510 refill regularly priced at $21.59 on sale for $9.99.

Are you the proud owner of a digital cutting machine that you take to crops and weekends away?
Then maybe you are in need of a wheeled tote to transport it, your PC and some of your "stuff" all together?

The Silhouette Tote is on sale Saturday only for just $54.99, regularly priced at $89.99

We have a selection of Xtra Giga Punches regularly priced from $23.99 -$30.59 on sale at 50% off the regular price.

All in stock Spectrum Noir alcohol based, affordable markers on sale at 25% off the regular price of $14.99.  Each pen is double ended and great for seamless blending and colouring or simply for writing on your scrapbook pages.

All Rubber and Acrylic Stamps are on sale Saturday only at 20% off the regularly marked price.

All scrapbooking stickers are 20% off the regularly marked price

All scrapbook paper is buy 2 get one free.

Surely from this long list there's something that you feel will help you as you pursue the craft that you love.

Remember, it's limited quantities and it's Saturday only. So make your list and we'll see you early Saturday morning.

Until Later....Happy Crafting


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