Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Did You Have a Great Holiday Weekend?

Were you one of the many that traveled up to Muskoka to spend the unofficial start to summer weekend?

I remember when we used to leave Muskoka for that weekend, never quite knowing what the weather would be like.  Our weekends used to be spent camping with our family and we've had all kinds of weather.
Sometimes hot enough to swim, but also so cold that there was frost on the table as we ate our breakfast. Whatever the weather it's good to know that winter is well and truly behind us now.

Oops, we had a total fail with our Thursday Technique Class last week.  
Realizing we had double booked ourselves, we announced that the class would be held on the Friday...NO!  
It wasn't until we began calling those who were registered that the light went on that Friday was the beginning of the long weekend...what a fail!
Not to worry though, we are now having last week's Thursday Night Class on Wednesday of this week. Are you registered?  I think there may be one spot left, but drop in, call or email us to check that one out for sure.

Have you been up to anything exciting with your crafting this past week? I spent a couple of days with my daughter Sandra working on "stuff" for her upcoming wedding.  
Lovely though it turned out, I can't show you that presently. 

Rachel has her dress on a hanger now, almost complete and so very proud of her accomplishment.  Her Bumpa says she deserves to be proud.  

Certainly being a crafter has once again made preparation for a wedding so very much more fun.  
From wedding invitations to table favours to sewing for the attendants. Floral arrangements and decorating the hall, there's been much to do.  Maybe after the day we can share some of what we've been up to, but not quite yet.

Another thing I've been working on this past week is some scrapbooking.  Again I can't show you just yet as it's a gift for a family member and I know they look at the blog.  I'm striving to get about 10 double pages done in the next three weeks, what do you think, have I set myself up for failure?  I hope not.

I did make a bracelet on Saturday that I can show you though.  Thought I'd wear it for the wedding, but have to remake it as my wrist seems to have shrunk!!!  Not all bad news because I think I'm going to change the colours up a bit too.  Only took about an hour to make so that's easily found time.  

As with all photos, it doesn't show as lovely as it looks.  The lighting and the camera make it look more orange than the yellow tones it is, but drop into the store to see it in it's real life beauty and for some quick instruction on how to make it.

We had a lovely time at the store last week helping a new Silhouette owner to learn more about the program. She left feeling thrilled to realise that she has only scratched the surface of what she can do with the machine. Do you have one?  Have you downloaded the fonts I've mentioned to you?  You can find them here if you need to check them again.
Scroll down a little and you will find the link to Border Bits font, 09 Kutups font.  . A great site to look at for fonts or ding bat fonts is dafont.com   Check it out sometime.

I found a great free knitting pattern for a baby sweater this week.  Knitted from the top down, it saves all those seams to be sewn at the end of the project.  Have you ever tried knitting like that?  Here's the link to it
Though this pattern directs you to knit on circular needles for the sleeves, I would change it to straight needles and at least sew up those seams, because I don't like knitting on circular.  If you know me at all then you'll know the reason for that.

Here's another lovely cross stitch design from Lesley Teare.  She's so generous with her work isn't she.

Well by now you may well have read your newsletter and learned of the great change that is happening to our store in the next weeks.  This has not been an easy or fast decision and our desire would have been to have found a buyer for the store so that it would remain available to each of our customers that have become  important to us.  This has not happened thus far, but who knows what is around the corner.

Linda mentioned in the newsletter how we've been in the crafting industry for some twenty years now. Over the years that we've owned the Craft Nook, we have tried hard to share our love of all things crafty with you.  Hopefully we've caused you to become excited about a craft or two.  Caused you to explore your creative self and passed on tips and techniques that will hold  you in good stead.

We hope you will drop into the store to stock up on the items that are important to you.  Obviously the best selection is available now, so don't delay.  Should there be anything you want to stock up on that is no longer in the store, then let us know as we will be placing one more order in about two weeks.  These orders will have to be prepaid and the only discount will be if you have a valid discount card.
You may well  have other questions to ask us, so please be in touch.

If you're thinking you would like to purchase a paper stack or some other display stand, these will all be offered for sale.  Let us know what you may be interested in.  There are also lots of pegboard pegs for sale if you want to set up a small corner of your craft room as I did.

I was asked today if I would be bored without the store to keep me busy.  No that will never happen with all the ideas that run around in my head.  As for Linda, like she says she has no idea where she is headed, but for her too the time is right for change.  

Perhaps C.S. Lewis said it best when he said this....

That's what I have chosen to do.

Until Later....Keep on Crafting



  1. GASP! I am reading the sad news!! Bitter sweet - sweet you can retire and find a new path but personally bitter (now Orillia is the closest from Huntsville)
    please keep in contact with us and good luck in the future

  2. We'll look forward to seeing you in the store soon Danie. Will you be joining us on Friday night?

  3. I am so very sorry to see you ladies go but I completely understand wanting to start another chapter. I love reading the weekly newsletters/blog and shall miss the connection with God's country and the window on your lovely families. Thank you for sharing your passion for crafting all these years and I wish you many happy adventures ahead!
    Beth in Toronto

  4. Thank you so much for your kind words Beth. I do intend to continue blogging and sharing my passion for all things crafty, so don't go away, keep checking back for new ideas.