Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Short Version Today

Well, we'll see if I can do that, a short version that is.  Usually I sit down to write the blog and find I have so much more to say than I thought, with the end result I drop off some things I was going to put in. Let's see what this week brings.

Did you get in to the store to pick up some of those lovely sales we had going on?  In celebration of National Scrapbooking month and for Mothers Day coming up, we are going to continue the sale.  If you've "liked" our Facebook page you will be able to check out the sale items there.  
To "like" us, find us on your Facebook page, then click on the drop down arrow beside the Liked button and click on Get Notifications...easy as can be.

We have some of the kits still available for you to make a very quick layout like these.

We chose to highlight two months and use photos from those two months.  
You may choose to use photos from three or more months, or even just one month.

Whatever your choice, it's a great way to make a quick page or two.

For just a "Toonie" plus tax, here are just a few sample selections you may want to choose from.

We also put together a kit that would be great for the Mother in your life, be it your own mother or a mother that you know that you would like to give a small gift to.

In just about an hour you, or the recipient of your gift, could put together a card box like this one with six cards ready to send. The cards are embossed, have embellishments for you to colour and a variety of sentiments.   

The kit includes the materials for six cards, envelopes and the pattern, cardstock and patterned paper to make the box. 
Wow you say, well when I tell  you that all that is included for just $10.00 then you will be even more amazed.

The kits are similar to this one here, though papers will vary.

Drop in to pick up a kit or two.  They would make lovely gifts for a shut in needing some cards to send.

So have you been busy crafting, or out in your garden cleaning up from the winter?  
I've been doing a bit of both and some sewing in between time.
With a daughter getting married soon and a granddaughter making her own dress for the wedding, it's been a busy week of sewing.

However today was a lovely day to rake the winter debris off the flower beds and lawn, hence the decision for a short version of the blog tonight. 

I do have more to share with you though.  I found a lovely dingbat font for all you Silhouette owners, at least it's lovely if you like Disney.  I found it at my favourite font sit dafont.com and it's a freebie to boot. Click here  and it will take you right to the Mickey font.  
Should you choose to download it to use as a cutting file, make sure you print off the key map too so that you know which key gives you which graphic.  It's a little confusing with all the download buttons you see on the screen, but you want the one that's at the top right corner of the page.  

You will have to test them as a cutting font as not all dingbats work well to cut.  If they are too complex they may not cut well.  I think these should be good though.  
This is what you get when you type the letter "A".  

Are you looking for a quick craft for the children to make for Mother's day? No not for you, but maybe for a Grandma or aunt. Here's a cute idea using paper towel or toilet paper rolls.

Though these have been painted, I'd be more inclined to wrap them with my pretty patterned scrapbooking papers. Not only would it be much prettier and easier, but would make the rolls more sturdy too.  Never a good idea to add water, which of course is in the paint, to paper or cardboard as it tends to weaken the fiber.

So picture this with lovely paper around it, well let me help you picture it.  
I've covered it with paper using my photo program, well pretty much covered over it.  
You can see how much nicer it would be with your lovely papers though can't you.

By wrapping each tube and then gluing them side by side you can make this as large or small as you like.  Adhere it to a piece of paper covered chipboard and you have a pretty nice gift.  

Keep this in mind for a teacher gift also.


Do you still knit in the summer months?  Here's a lovely lacy shrug to make to wear on top of your dresses for the slightly cooler evenings.  

It's a free pattern through my favourite knitting and crochet site,  ravelry.com     I've linked you to the original source in case you haven't yet opened a Ravelry account, though I don't know why you wouldn't have by now.  

We had a great time again at last week's card class.  Three cards were created with a variety of techniques on them, some new, some re-visited.

One of the ladies was thrilled to go home with a card ready made for her daughter's birthday.

Here's what they made.  

A centre step card involving easy but careful measurement and scoring for the centre step, along with masking of a large background stamp for the focal area.

 Our second card was a shaped gate-fold.
Though not a favourite with the ladies, it was still a good technique to be exposed to.
A shaped template was used to create the front opening of this lovely card and the pearls were coloured with a brown marker.

Our third card was this lovely hydrangea easel card. Always a favourite fold, this card had other techniques to please the ladies.
With the use of a mask, the top corner of the focal point was kept clean for the greeting when stamping the script.
The hydrangea was stamped inside the card with a very light pink Distress Ink and again on the focal point with black Memento Ink to enable us to colour the flower by painting in three different colours of Distress Ink.  
With the added touch of the punched butterflies being stamped over with the script stamp, this whole card came together beautifully.

Well as you can see, my short version wasn't too short.  I really do ramble on too much I guess, so I'm done for now!

Oh no, I almost forgot your words for this week.

We all have people in our lives that we become very comfortable with, usually family members or friends that we expect will always be there.

Of course given time, life teaches us that that unfortunately isn't always so.

Sometimes for whatever reason, those people aren't with us any more and we realise that we've unconsciously not ignored them, but perhaps taken for granted that they will be there tomorrow, as they are today.

Perhaps we haven't taken time to let them know how much they mean to us.

I came across these words this week and thought what a great reminder this was to us all not to take someone who loves and cares for us, or for whom we love and care,  for granted.
Don't wake up tomorrow,  realizing that the opportunity has been lost to let them know we care because we were too busy enjoying life today.

Until Later....Happy Crafting.


PS.  If you didn't craft last week, make sure you get registered for this week's Friday Night Crop and Craft Night.  Don't allow another week to pass you by without being creative!

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