Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Did You Hear? It's This Weekend?

What you ask?  National Scrapbook Day.  Saturday is when we will be celebrating with some very special offers for you.

If you receive the Newsletter each week, then by now you will know what items will be on sale. If you don't get the newsletter..why not....no, you can still read it by hopping over to our  Facebook page here

Linda always posts a link to it on a Tuesday morning.

What you won't know until Friday, is the sale pricing of these items, so you'll have to hop back to the blog or Facebook to check them out ready for Saturday morning, when they'll be going on sale.  
There are limited numbers of each of them so be sure to be the early bird so that you don't miss out of the bargains.

Do you ever catch yourself thinking, I'm just like my mother?  As the days turn into a week that's once again flown on by, I find myself thinking, and can hear my mother saying, how time flies.  

Have you  had a productive week this past week.  I had a lot of plans for things I wanted to achieve.  Did a lot of things for others, but right, time flew by and my plans remain as plans for this week perhaps. 
I did decide that I was once again going to work on my Heritage Album, so have picked out 50 patterned papers to have ready to go.  This will be the third time I've made my Heritage Album, I gave the other two away to family members.  Would be shameful not to have one for myself considering my passion wouldn't it!

We had a great time at the Friday Night Crop and Craft Night last week with ladies scrapbooking, card making and learning how to use their newest toy, the Silhouette Portrait.

I've had time this past week though to surf the net and find a lovely new dingbat font.  It's called Border Bits and the lady who created it is kindly sharing with anyone who would like to download it.  The nice thing about it is how, just exactly as the title intimates, you can create borders with your Silhouette cutting machine.  
Not only borders, but with the help of a tutorial I learned how to follow a shape path to create a doily like mat for to use on a scrapbook page or card.  Great font.  You can find it here.

Here's the file I created for you to use, well actually there are two for you. this one I called Lilian Lacey Doily 2 From Border Bits Font. 
And here's the other one which I called Lilian Lacey Doily from Border Bits Alpha  

Here's a print screen of my PC when I completed the last step of the second doily. 

Hope they work fine for you, but let me know if they don't.  Make sure you follow the tutorial so that you can learn how to do this also.  

The same lady created 09 Kutups which I've mentioned to you before, but if you don't have it you  can download it here.   Just scroll down below the first three graphics and you'll see the download link.  Be sure to pick up the character map for both fonts so that you know which letter types out which cutting file. 

Are you coming to card class this Thursday?  We have three interesting cards we will be teaching, and kits will be cut today, so don't delay and miss this great opportunity to not only learn, but to socialize with people who love to craft as you do.

I made a Mother's Day card for my dear Mother in law yesterday.  The one I chose to do was modeled on the box card that we made in card class last time.  You can see it here.   The one I've just made is a little different, but quite similar. Hopefully my sister in law can show her how to open and stand it.  They have already celebrated Mothering Sunday in England, but I always send the card in time with our Mother's Day.  Lucky woman methinks that she gets two Mother's days. 

I found two sweet little needlework pieces as I was surfing the crafting blogs I love to look at.  One was from my new favourite site.  She has such lovely pieces and usually small that can be accomplished quite quickly.  This one is a beautiful rose.  Go to Lesley's blog here to get the key and colour chart instructions.

The other one I found was worked on even weave fabric but could easily be worked on aida cloth, if you chose. With the little bead accents and simple embroidery stitches, this would work up really fast.
We sell both aida cloth and the full line of DMC embroidery floss at the store

Have I still not hit on your craft of choice?  What would it be?  Let me know and I'll see what I can find to inspire and motivate you.

Do you love to knit or crochet?  Then Ravelry is the site I would direct you to.  They have so many free patterns you would be knitting morning, noon and night to accomplish just a small portion of them.  Perhaps it's Broomstick Lace that you like, or maybe Tunisian Crochet.  I'm sometimes at a loss to know how I can help or if I can help you craft to your hearts content, so let me know of what you would like to learn and if I can help you achieve your goals.

I told you I would share some more of what was created at the Mega Crop weekend.  The ladies in class worked on six pages and I think I've shown you just two or three so far. Here's another.  I really liked the colours on this one. As a predominantly two page scrapper, I can visualize this easily made into a two page spread.
The clouds were cut from a file we created for the Silhouette machine.  The plain white background cardstock was made more interesting with the use of a toothbrush and some black paint.  We set up a paint booth so that as the ladies spattered their paint it didn't go all over the walls or other's work.

Do you recall we neglected to take photos of two winning pieces.  One we were saved by as Rachel had captured that.  It was Candice's page, which was so loved by Marta that she has recreated with her own photos here.

What a compliment to Candice's work and what a great page too Marta. Thanks for sharing.

The other one we missed was Lisa's.  Lisa made a lovely circular mini album that can be displayed on a coffee table or such.  She kindly brought it into the store through the week so that we could take some photos. Here they are, you see two shots of the album as it's open displaying the pockets that hold memorabilia.  

Lisa has made this beautiful album as an anniversary gift for her parents, so if you know them please don't mention this to them as their anniversary hasn't arrived yet.

This shot shows  it folded quite compactly for all it's elements.

Lisa has kindly dropped off the instructions for this album, so if you're interested in making one yourself, then please get in touch with us for the instructions.
Thank you for sharing this lovely work Lisa.

Well I think that's all I have to share with you this week.
Let me see if I have any words to take you through the week.
We, as you likely do also, know of people facing challenges this week and they are very much in our thoughts.  Though we can't be with them to hold their hands we can uplift them in thought and prayer.
In thinking that, it brought to my mind a conversation I had with a customer in the store this past week.

She shared with me a thought that someone had shared with her.  It was this. That we should be grateful not only for what we have, but what we don't have.
Sometimes that takes a bit of wrapping one's mind around the thought, but there are many things in life that we'd rather not have aren't there?

So with that in mind, I took one of the word files Ginger's House puts out and modified it a little by adding the last two lines to reflect that thought.

Until Later....Happy Crafting,

PS.  Don't forget to check the blog and facebook on Friday to learn more about Saturday's sale.

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