Monday, November 11, 2013

Hey, Hey, Hey.....

Are you seeing the impending change in the weather?  Soon now we'll be saying Ho, Ho, Ho, won't we.

Are you ready for that?  I'm hearing via the family grapevine that one of my sisters-in-law in England not only has her gifts purchased, but wrapped as well as cards written out! 

Well I'm not there yet. Having just finished the fourth Christmas Card Day and with two gifty classes and two card classes to go before Christmas I know I have to begin thinking about it though if I want my cards to be in England before Christmas.

I'll be posting the Christmas cards from class on Flickr probably tomorrow now, but here's one  for you to see that we made in the meantime.  

I took the day off today except for Rachel's sewing class tonight.  If you missed out on her first wave of crafting bags, the next batch will be in the store later this week.  They're a great gift idea for yourself or a crafty friend.  Certainly saves picking all those little pieces up off the floor when you're sewing or crafting.

I had the pleasure of having one of my sisters stay over on the weekend and after card making for five hours during the day, we continued crafting until the wee small hours of Sunday morning too. Evelyn wanted place cards for her trailer clubs Christmas dinner, so we used this as inspiration for eighteen place cards. I can't show you the finished card as we only cut and stamped portions, Evelyn will finish them off when she gets home.

There are many ideas in the store if you're looking for a craft, whether it's a place card as Evelyn wanted, or perhaps you want to make your own Christmas cards or a small hostess gift.  Cheryl attended one of our Christmas Card Days and then taking the format of one of the cards she had made, she had her Sunday School class all make her "take" of that card.  Great card Cheryl.  Linda shared Cheryl's card on the newsletter so I'm sure you saw it there.

Kim was in on Friday and she wanted a small craft to do when she went to visit her Mom. After listening to her and looking around, we came up with this felt Santa.  
We traced off the face pattern and a quick phone photo (I think), some felt and a few beads she was set to go

My niece sent me some photos of scrapbook layouts she made whilst attending a fundraising crop where she lives in Belleville.  
I liked the simple blocking of this layout.  
By using squares and sizing her photos to 4 x 4 and 4 x 6, she created an interesting blocked layout.

Here's another layout she made this past weekend.  I told her that I'm in the middle of creating a page similar to this one. I'll show  it to you once I'm done.

Have you been scrapbooking lately?  

It's such a great way of recording your memories for not only yourself, but future generations as they will look at how our fashions and styles have changed over the years.

Maybe paper crafting isn't your forte? How about this lovely crocheted stool cover?

Worked in yarn for a quick project, you can find the pattern here.

Perhaps you prefer knitting, so how about these fingerless gloves to go on you Christmas crafting list.

Until Later....Happy Crafting


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